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Boston College Men’s Hockey Banter: Players to Watch

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Laura: How are you all feeling after last weekend? I think one of my biggest takeaway is that Marshall Warren is one to watch this season - he was really doing everything on both defense and offense.

Arthur: I think I feel reassured about the goaltending situation. Eric Dop had a pretty good game against Quinnipiac, and by and large BC was able to compete in a game where BC didn’t necessarily dominate possession.

Laura: Yea, I was a little nervous since it’s been so long since we had a goalie who wasn’t an NHL caliber superstar, but Dop seems solid so far. (I don’t know why I would be nervous since the Muse and Milner years were some of my formative BC MIH fan years lol.)

Maithri: I think I was nervous about Dop because he’s on the “shorter” side compared to our recent starters (lol) but I don’t think there were any points during the game against Quinnipiac where I wished he was taller. I feel like it really helps that he’s got so much experience under his belt already so he’s not just adjusting to the college game.

Arthur: Short people can do things, Maithri!

Maithri: LOL I know that I’m literally 5’2! Anyway, Laura, I also agree that Warren is the one to watch this season — he was literally everywhere on the ice during both games, and it was nice to see him get rewarded with a goal against Holy Cross. I’m excited to see how he continues to improve this year!

Laura: I feel pretty good about BC being able to come away with 2 wins this weekend. We definitely saw unevenness in terms of what level the team was playing at throughout both games last weekend, but the top 2 line (and Warren) have scoring capabilities for sure.

Steve: My main takeaway is that I like when they score in the first minute of games and I think they should keep doing that. I also think Aidan Hreschuk had an under the radar really strong weekend and that has me feeling a bit better about how the defense is going to look going forward.

Laura: Yea, if scoring in the first minute can continue to be our thing this season I will be pleased. I do remain concerned about and baffled by the power play but … what else is new.

Steve: Outside of the fact that they can’t ever enter the zone with control and never seem to create good chances if they do, I think it’s going fine.

Curtis: I feel like a subpar power play is baked into every Jerry York team at this point. Outside of that, this team actually looks pretty good! The top couple lines look like they could do a lot of damage. Marshall Warren, like Laura said, plus the likes of Colby Ambrosio, Jack McBain, Marc McLaughlin, and Drew Helleson all look pretty good to start the year.

Arthur: Yeah it really is remarkable how snakebitten the power play has been. It hasn’t been for lack of talent.

Laura: Who do you all think scores the first goal at home this season? I’m going with McBain because he’s clearly desperate for a goal and is just cursed because none of his great chances are going in, and I want that curse to break so he can explode on offense. Sorry if I stole your answer, Maithri haha.

Grant: Ah, the reverse-reverse jinx. I like it.

Maithri: I’m also going with McBain for those same reasons lol.

Grant: I’m going with McBain because he’s our best scorer. How do you like that?

Arthur: Oh man. Do I go with the crowd or do I blaze my own trail?

Curtis: Well if we’re doing memes, give me Cade Alami AKA Baby Chara.

Arthur: I’ll go with Nikita Nesterenko. Kid had nine attempts this weekend and only one didn’t hit the net. He’s been shooting well and I think one will go in.

Laura: I respect that. I’m expecting a big season out of him - he has the raw talent for sure.

Arthur: Can’t score if you don’t hit the net, and the nerd stats are telling me that he’s getting it on net a higher rate than anybody who is attempting as much as him.

Steve: I’m going off board. Give me Trevor Kuntar.