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A very happy Marathon Monday, Eagles! (Finally!)

Running: Boston Marathon Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since April 15, 2019, the Boston Marathon returns to the streets of Greater Boston today, marking the return of a rite that is central to the culture of Boston College and the entire Boston area.

Good luck to all Eagles running the race today - and have a great day to all of those heading out to enjoy the race as spectators.

Last year’s freshmen at BC haven’t had the experience yet of Mile 21 on Marathon Monday, but this year, they should get it twice, as the plan is for the race to return on its traditional April date this coming spring.

Feel free to drop your own Marathon Monday memories from BC in the comments. From tragedy to triumph, we’ve all experienced the emotions of the day together as part of the BC community and are hopeful for a fantastic day today.

We’ll be back with the Weekly Kickoff and to begin the countdown to Saturday’s game against NC State tomorrow morning.