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BC Interruption Player of the Week: Women’s Cross Country’s Lauren White

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

This week, BC Interruption’s Player of the Week is Lauren White, from the Eagles cross country team!

White is a graduate student on the women’s cross country team, running for the Eagles for her 5th season. This weekend, she was partially responsible for the team’s first place finish in the New England Championship, defeating 22 teams to take the top prize. As a team, BC had a total run time of 1:28:21 in the women’s 5K, with an average running time of 17:40. UNH, the second place team, had an average time of 18:14.

In addition to helping her team to a first place finish, White herself was the winner of the women’s 5k. She finished in 17 minutes and 14 seconds, beating her own personal best. White finished about 10 seconds in front of the second place finisher (Fransiscah Cherotich from AIC) and the third place finisher (fellow Eagle Anna Oeser).

2021-22 BC Interruption Players of the Week

Lauren White, Women’s Cross Country: 10/11

Abigail Levy, Women’s Hockey: 10/4

Pat Garwo III, Football: 9/27

Sarah Johnson, Field Hockey: 9/20