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Flashback Friday: BC-Clemson, 1983

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Hey look! We have some history against the team we’re playing this week, so Flashback Friday returns.

There’s so much interesting recent history against Clemson, but one of the most noteworthy games in the history of this series came in 1983 when BC hosted Clemson. The Eagles roared back from an early deficit to score a statement, 31-16 win, part of Doug Flutie’s continued evolution into a national star.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, the entire game is viewable on YouTube:

Please enjoy:

-The vintage Raycom sports graphics.

-A packed but much smaller Alumni Stadium.

-The very, very nice BC jerseys which, hey, look like today’s jerseys! Great job all around.

The game was big news in the next day’s Sunday New York Times, which hailed BC’s 31-16 win as “one of the biggest comeback victories in Boston College football history.”

Another great foreshadowing quote from Jack Bicknell in that story: “there’s one lesson you learn in a game like this - never give up on Doug Flutie.”

The legend of Flutie was still growing at this point and evolved further when he helped BC reverse a 16-3 deficit, blowing the doors off of Clemson in the final ~25 minutes of the game to pick up the win. Flutie went 20-for-36 with 223 yards, leading BC to 504 yards of total offense.