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Boston College Men’s Hockey v. UConn: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Connecticut v Boston College Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

After Hockey East announced that it would be switching to a week-by-week scheduling of games, Boston College announced that it would play Connecticut this week in a home and home series. The series will be the Eagles’ first repeat series of the year. Let’s talk about it.

Breaking Down the Series

  1. Returning to form: Look, let’s not sugar coat it. The Eagles, despite a decent enough record since returning from break, have not looked like the same team that tore through the first part of the year. That goes back to the last time these two teams played—BC began to struggle somewhat during the past UConn series. This will be a good opportunity for the Eagles to return to form.
  2. Limiting chances: Connecticut is not a team that does a lot with its chances— in fact it is one of the worst shooting teams in the country. UConn was particularly strong last time they played in converting on chances, but that’s unusual for them. BC holding Connecticut to its usual habits will be crucial.
  3. Scoring, scoring, scoring: BC is, on the other hand, one of the best scoring teams in the country, but struggled against UConn. That will also be important to return to form.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from UConn’s Wikipedia Page

UConn has a Division I football program.

Beverage of the Game


We’ve made this joke before, but BC can’t mess around. They need to shape up.

Is Jonathan Still a Good Boy?



BC had it struggles last time these two teams played. I think they return to form.

BC 4-1 Friday

BC 2-1 Saturday.