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Nobody Believes in Us Team Picked 13th in ACC Preseason Poll

Holy Cross v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

New coaching staff, pandemic off-season, lost offensive catalyst. That’s more or less all anyone on the outside knows or cares to know about BC football, sans the freeing of Phil. I get it, we were the definition of average for seven years, but this is just utter disrespect and shoddy analysis. The latest ACC preseason poll picked BC to finish 13th in the ACC. Only Syracuse and Georgia Tech finished below that number. To no one’s surprise, Clemson is the clear favorite to win.

It really seems that every person making these rankings and polls just copies and pastes the previous ranking they saw (especially for the bottom half, thinking no one will care. WRONG, GUY. Maybe you get a rogue “watch out for Wake Forest,” but by and large it’s all the same, and the lack of originality shows. I don’t get it. Perusing some other rosters, especially ones the Eagles trounced during last year’s bad season it’s tough to see the justification. And with some key players on other teams opting out, why no love? Not to mention how well BC is fairing on the COVID front, the risk of losing players mid-season seems presumably lower than other ACC programs.

Four out of five offensive linemen return, nine defensive starters return with an actual wizard as a coach, a modern offense, solid skill position players, and a huge quarterback upgrade. What am I missing? Yes, I know this happens more or less all of the time, but we’re just starting to feel good about ourselves and this is constantly slapped in our faces.

I sure wish I could hammer the probably-3.5-win total they would set for us, but sadly those won’t be available. While I don’t have the moxie to bet the Eagles to win the ACC (second lowest odds, only ahead of Georgia Tech) as the legends at 4th and Dude, please spot us better odds than Syracuse. Are you really going to tell me Pittsburgh sits at +3300, while BC is at +10000? Need I remind you? That beautiful behemoth doesn’t even need to be here this time. I digress, see you next month.

Some bright spots! Congratulations to offensive linemen Zion Johnson and Ben Petrula who both made the All-ACC Preseason Team, deservedly so. Can’t wait to see more Eagles and the Coach of the Year honored at the end of the season!