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Boston College Field Hockey, Women’s Soccer, and Volleyball Announce Plans for Season


Clemson v Boston College Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

As the ACC continues to plan for sports to proceed somewhat as normal, 3 more Boston College fall teams have announced their plans for the modified season. BC has not announced whether or not these games will be open to fans in any capacity.

Boston College Field hockey will open the season on October 4 in Louisville. The Eagles will play their first game at home on October 18, when they will face Virginia. The modified field hockey season will include 7 games over the span of 4 weeks and will conclude in Durham for the ACC Championship. Each team will spend 2 weeks on the road and 2 weeks at home.

Unlike their male counterparts, the Boston College women’s soccer team does plan to play this fall. The ACC women’s soccer season will take place over 4 months and will wrap up with a championship tournament in North Carolina. During the month-long regular season, each team will play 4 home games and 4 away games. The Eagles will begin their season on October 1 at Notre Dame and will play their first home game on October 15 against Duke.

Finally, the Boston College volleyball team will play 8 ACC matches, all in October. BC opens the season at home with a pair of games against Notre Dame.