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Training Paused for Many Boston College Teams

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

Days after the Boston College swimming and diving programs was forced to cease practices due to a COVID-19 outbreak, Boston College has announced to The Heights that all practices and workouts have been suspended for a number of other teams on campus as well. This affects teams who do not have games scheduled during the remainder of 2020. Per the school, this pause is to allow the athletic department “to focus all efforts and resources on those sports which are competing.”

At this time, the sports included in this pause of operations are rowing, baseball and softball, rowing, and all track, tennis, golf and fencing programs.

Men’s and women’s hockey and men’s and women’s basketball will continue to practice, although it remains unclear when (or if) their seasons will start.

As of right now, BC football is set to open their season on Saturday against Duke. The other teams with set start dates as of right now are field hockey (October 4), women’s soccer (October 1) and volleyball (October 2).