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Mid-American Conference Shuts Down Fall Sports, Creating Speculation for Future of College Football in 2020

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Nevada v Ohio Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Brett McMurphy of The Stadium reported Saturday that the Mid-American Conference was planning to shut down all fall sports to wait to resume in 2021. The Mid-American Conference has since confirmed the news.

The news has an immediate impact on Boston College. The Eagles’ football team was set to take on the Bobcats in the first game of the season, but the game has been cancelled in light of the news coming out of the MAC.

McMurphy reported that the news out of the MAC has created some concern within the Power 5 about proceeding forward. According to a tweet McMurphy posted, at least one source within the Power 5 indicated that the news allows a potential decision to postpone fall sports to be easier for the Power 5.

The Power 5 likely will wait a little while longer to make a decision, after all, not too long ago there was speculation that the Power 5 was planning to splinter of the NCAA to hold their own seasons and championships in the event the NCAA chose to cancel. However, the news out of the MAC certainly puts league presidents throughout FBS football in a difficult situation if they chose to move forward.