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Former Boston College Football Coach Steve Addazio and Colorado State Football Staff Face Allegations of Racism and Verbal Abuse in Addition to Mishandling COVID-19

Boston College v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Former Boston College football coach Steve Addazio and the Colorado State football program have come under fire multiple times this past week, resulting in a complete pause of the program.

Early in the week, a number of players and staff expressed concerns about how Addazio and his staff were handling COVID-19. Allegations included that coaches were telling players not to report symptoms, that contact tracing reports were being altered, and that players were threatened with reduced playing time if they ended up quarantining. It has also been alleged that Addazio and other coaches are reluctant to wear masks.

Other players denied these allegations on social media. In a statement, Addazio called the health of his players a “top priority.” CSU has opened an investigation into the program’s handling of COVID-19.

Tonight it was announced that Colorado State has put their football program on hold due to allegations of racism and verbal abuse in the athletic department in general, but specifically within the football program. Details have yet to come out about the staff members involved in the accusations or the exact behavior that players have experienced.

It is unclear to what degree Addazio will be implicated in these accusations, particularly as both current and former CSU players brought up the concerns. However, BC fans may recall that after Addazio’s firing, numerous former players and staff took to social media to discuss their experiences with Addazio. Claims made after his departure from included that he had been known to throw chairs at meetings and had tried to intimidate media into providing positive coverage.

We will be updating this story as more details become available.