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UPDATED: Ivy League Cancels All Sports Until the End of the Fall Semester

Harvard vs Yale Men’s Hockey Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Per reports from a number of sources, the Ivy League has cancelled all sports until the end of the fall semester, effectively cancelling the football schedule in the fall, and postponing the start of winter programs like basketball and hockey to past the end of the fall semester.

It was originally reported that the Ivy League cancelled all competitions until January 1, 2021, but in the league’s press release it was announced that competitions will be cancelled through the end of the fall semester “consistent with campus policies.”

As we reported Sunday, the news was expected, as coaches throughout the league were bracing for the news since the league’s announcement on July 1, but now that the news is more concrete, the effect on the rest of the country will now be more pronounced as time goes on.

For the world around BC, there will certainly be at least some ramifications based on this decision. If there were plans to play any winter contests with any Ivy League schools before January 1, BC will now be scrambling to fill those gaps in the schedule. Additionally, as we mentioned, the Patriot League, a longtime scheduling partner of the Ivy League, will almost certainly revisit their schedule, which could affect BC football’s planned matchup with Holy Cross on Oct. 31.

In any event, coupled with Stanford’s announced cuts today, the collegiate athletics outlook has started to turn grim.