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BC Interruption Radio: Pandemic Problems, And The Grim New Reality for Collegiate Athletics

North Carolina State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

With the pandemic getting worse and the future of collegiate athletics in doubt, Arthur and Patrick talk about the current state of affairs in collegiate athletics and look ahead to the future. The two talk about where we are with different universities and conferences moving forward with their plans to adapt to the reality of COVID-19, where we may be going, and what could be in store for collegiate athletics moving forward.

As always with our podcasts, you can listen to the podcast with the player below. Please note that if you are reading this on Apple News or Google AMP the player will not appear, so make sure you are using the desktop version. Alternatively. you can listen to the podcast here, as well as an archived collection of all the podcasts Arthur and Patrick did before they took over BCI Radio in the fall of this past year.