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Boston College Releases Ticket Refund Policy Updates in Response to COVID 19

Boston College is operating under the assumption that football will be played in the fall

Boston College v Duke Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

This afternoon, Boston College released an updated athletics ticket refund policy in response to the ongoing public health crisis. Although focused on football, the release notes that a similar policy will apply to winter sports (men’s hockey and men’s & women’s basketball). Many people, myself included, have been holding off on purchasing season tickets for fall or winter sports due to the uncertainty of if/when/how games will be played. So although Boston College appears hopeful that football and winter sports will proceed as normal, this release should provide some reassurance to fans worried about losing money to a season that may not happen.

Per the release, in the event that games are cancelled or closed to fans due to COVID 19, ticket holders will have two options. They can either receive a refund based off the average season ticket rate for each game missed, or use the refund as credit towards season tickets for the 2021-22 season.

Fans can also rest assured that they will not lose their seat location for 2021 if the 2020 season does not happen or happens without fans. Additionally, for season ticket holders that are high risk for COVID 19 due to age or underlying health conditions and decide to cancel their 2020 order for their own safety, BC will refund their money and hold their seat location for 2021. This presumably means BC will also hold seat locations for high risk individuals who let athletics staff know they will not be renewing this year because of COVID 19.

Flynn Fund gifts (including parking privileges) will not be refunded, but the release states “[Boston College] will ensure your donation is applied towards your tickets and parking as soon as we are able to offer full use of these benefits.”