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Better Know a Boston College Athletic Director Candidate: Ryan Bamford

Can BC solve it Athletic Director problem with a Bam?

When I first heard the rumors surrounding Martin Jarmond and UCLA I admittedly tried to tune them out. It just wasn’t really a possibility that I wanted to acknowledge. Well, what’s done is done and here at BC Interruption we are shifting our focus to potential AD candidates rather than worry about the former AD.

One such possible replacement is UMass Amhearst’s AD, Ryan Bamford.

Bamford has a good resume even before becoming the AD at UMass. Prior to working for the Minutemen, Bamford worked at Georgia Tech during which time he spent two years as the Senior Associate Director of Athletics. As part of this role, Bamford was in charge of football, men’s basketball, and baseball all of which saw great success during his time. He also oversaw sports medicine, player performance, facilities and equipment as well as game operations. Bamford also had a hand in Georgia Tech’s donor relations for fundraising scholarships, endowments and capital projects. Before going to Georgia Tech he served a similar role at Yale for over eight years, where he was also in charge of football and men’s basketball.

Bamford was hired as UMass’s Athletic Director in 2015 and since then has made a marketable impact on the Minutemen’s athletic program. In 2016 Bamford opened a new 3,400 square foot student athlete lounge. The most notable of his accomplishments, especially perhaps in the eyes of BC fans, is his promotion of the UMass football program. In 2016, UMass signed a multi-year TV broadcast agreement with American Sports Network. In the future, the Minutemen will have home and away games against bigger opponents like South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi State, and, of course, Boston College. While they may not be a national power they are a much more recognizable program than they were five to ten years ago.

Bamford has experience and importantly has the right kind of experience that many BC fans should want. He’s been in charge of football and men’s baskeball programs at two different schools one of which is an ACC school, and the two programs at BC that many fans want to see improve the most. Bamford also has experience dealing with donors. Maybe he can finally get the Eagles a basketball practice facility. He also started his career in Mass, at Springfield College and including his time at UMass this gives him an important familiarity with the state. Certainly a promising candidate for the AD job.