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BC Interruption’s Self-Isolation Entertainment Suggestions

With no sports and very little human contact, here’s how we’re keeping busy

Clemson v Boston College Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The past few months/weeks/days/what is time anymore have been rough. Sports have been cancelled, we’re stuck inside, a pandemic is raging. So we figured we’d share some of our suggestions for keeping entertained without sports, which is our usual distraction from daily life!

Here’s what our staff has been up to since stay-at-home started and sports ended:


  • Watching hours and hours of WWE
  • Picking back up the French horn that I haven’t played in 10 years
  • Telling myself that I’m going to keep up with Duolingo and not following through
  • Watching every shark/sea monster movie ever made


  • Finishing Law School (ed. note: this is not a practical entertainment solution for most of you, but everybody go congratulate Arthur in the comments!!)


  • Playing more NASCAR on PS4 than I ever have before
  • Getting excited for the return of actual NASCAR
  • Watching Rick Steves with my wife to help us get over not being able to travel


  • Binge watching Big Little Lies, Little Fires Everywhere, Unbelievable, and Never Have I Ever
  • Rewatching Pitch and Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Not watching as many NHL/NCAA Hockey throwbacks as I expected because it makes me too sad


  • Taking lots of walks with my dog, Gibson
  • Playing guitar
  • Binge watching Atlanta and Westworld
  • Watching the movies from Reddit’s 99 most mind bending movies list


  • Trying to outline my book (ed. note: I am very impressed with this level of productivity.)


  • Binge watching lots of shows including Mad Men and a rewatch of Community (#AndAMovie)
  • Watching movies with my roommates - Whiplash is my favorite that we’ve watched
  • Playing way too much FIFA 2011 on an XBox 360 that sounds like it’s going to break every time it turns on because that is the most current game and system that I own

What are you all doing to stay sane(ish)? What movies/shows/books have you been loving? Let us know in the comments below!