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BC Interruption’s Male Fan Favorite is Marshall Warren

Yale v Boston College Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Freshman men’s hockey player Marshall Warren is BC Interruption’s 2019-20 Male Fan Favorite, winning the vote over teammates David Cotton, Jesper & Julius Mattila, Aapeli Räsänen and football’s AJ Dillon.

Warren established himself as a fan favorite early on in the season, most notably against UConn back in November. He shot the puck into a dislodged net and celebrated as if it were a goal even though the whistle had blown and it most definitely was not. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s our tweet from that night, and a gif of the moment.

Sports are supposed to be fun, and this moment highlighted that at the time.

This season, Warren scored six goals and totaled 11 points while establishing himself as a solid defenseman. He’s genuinely fun to watch on offense and defense even when he isn’t doing something that makes us all enjoy the game a little more.

Whether it’s his passionate cellies or the fact he was one of two freshmen defensemen to record more than five goals in Hockey East, we truly had no choice but to stan, and now we’re here. Congrats, Marshall! We’re looking forward to many more fun moments in the years to come.