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BC Interruption’s Male Player Who Best Embodies the Spirit of a Boston College Eagle is AJ Dillon

NCAA Football: Boston College at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

An Eagle legend. A stand-up student-athlete on and off the field. A man who really needed no introduction.

Boston College Football star running back AJ Dillon is BC Interruption’s 2019-2020 Male Player Who Best Embodies the Spirit of a Boston College Eagle.

AJ Dillon has spent the past few years as the heart and soul of BC Football. He burst, or rather stiff-armed his way onto the scene and never looked back. And this year, “The Sauce” rewrote the history books and cemented his place among the best to ever play the game at our fine institution.

The school’s all-time leader in rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, total touchdowns, all-purpose yards, and holder of numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career, Dillon has redefined “Ever to Excel.” He’s never satisfied with his play, he strives to get better each and every day, and he’s been a dependable teammate and leader. He’s cheered for and supported not just his own teammates, but his fellow Eagles as well. Always leading by example, AJ has shown an unquestionable character time and time again, and continues to be an excellent representative of all things BC. We will never see his likes again.

He already set Boston College aflame, and now the rest of the world awaits.

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