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BC Interruption’s Play of the Year is Women’s Basketball Earning a Buzzer Beater Win Against Notre Dame

Emma Guy’s basket made us all lose our minds

Boston College vs Syracuse Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

In a year of exciting moments for the Boston College women’s basketball team, one of the best was watching senior captain Emma Guy score a last second layup to steal the win for BC and earn the Eagles their first ever season sweep against the Fighting Irish.

This game started out in BC’s favor, but the Eagles were outscored 22-10 in the second quarter and went into halftime trailing 33-20. As we learned this year, however, Coach McNamee’s teams never give up, and the Eagles went on a 20-0 run ate in the third and early in the fourth to regain the lead. Notre Dame refused to go out quietly and scored some 3s to get back in the mix, and as the game wound down, the Fighting Irish lead 55-54.

With just 1.2 seconds on the clock, Georgia Pineau got one last chance to make a play for the Eagles, passing the ball in to Guy after a BC time out. Guy stepped right around the Notre Dame player covering her and bounced a layoff off the board as the clock wound down to 0, as her teammates charged the court. We’re still sad this team was robbed of their chance to compete in the NIT or even the NCAA Tournament, but we’re thankful to them for providing us with so many thrilling moments like this one.

The other nominees for Play of the Year, which also brought us joy this season, were Graham McPhee pointing at the scoreboard and waving goodbye to a Northeastern player during men’s hockey’s 10-1 victory, Field Hockey’s shootout victory against Louisville to make the Final Four, Brandon Sebastian’s interception against Virginia Tech, and everything AJ Dillon did against Syracuse.