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A List of Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now

Army v Boston College Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Quarantine sucks.

Flattening the curve is vitally important, and the only way to do that is to follow the stay-at-home orders that have been implemented across the country. You should keep doing it to give our heroes in our hospitals a fighting chance at doing their vitally important jobs.

But, dang, quarantine really really sucks.

So, here’s a list of things I’d rather be doing right now.

  1. Watching BC men’s hockey in the Frozen Four: Both USCHO and College Hockey News have BC making it to the Frozen Four in their simulations of the NCAA Tournament. Cancelling the Frozen Four this year was 100% the right thing for the NCAA to do, but man does it really feel like we missed a great opportunity.
  2. Having a drink with friends at a nice bar: I am very, very lucky that I got to go up to Boston to see all of my BCI friends before all of this happened. We’ll all get to have a drink at Harry’s again soon.
  3. Having a drink with friends at a terrible bar: Yeah, I’d settle for a drink at a loud, overpriced, generally obnoxious bar at this point. I just want to see people.
  4. Reffing an intramural game at the new gym at BC: I tweeted something about how I used to ref at BC, and BC Rec favorited my tweet and I miss you guys so much and I’m so excited that y’all get a shiny new gym to play in, and Lutz if you’re reading this next time I’m in Boston if there’s a game to ref holler at me.
  5. Going to the Princeton Record Exchange to get some records: I love the Princeton Record Exchange, back when I was record collecting in high school I would go there and get some records. I just started collecting again, and I was at the Exchange again before we all got quarantined and I got The Killers’ Hot Fuss because it had Mr. Brightside on it, and I was wearing my BC hoodie.
  6. Going to Wuxtry Records to get some records: I am always for supporting local business, and Wuxtry Records is like two blocks from my apartment in Athens, and I frequent it when I can. That said, Princeton Record Exchange is better based on the only metric that matters, Bruce Springsteen LPs available.
  7. Going to a coffee shop to drink some coffee: If anyone knows how to get Fuel America coffee shipped down South I’m all ears.
  8. Not being absolutely petrified for my loved ones’ health and safety: We need to be real with ourselves about this. I’m scared for my family, I’m scared for my friends, and I am absolutely petrified for my friends who are on the front lines in this fight. The sooner we are real with ourselves about this the sooner we will feel at least slightly better about it.
  9. Sitting in a law school class: Yep, this virus has made sitting in a law school class seem bearable.
  10. Standing in an uncomfortably crowded mod party: What’s the opposite of social distancing?
  11. Watching a baseball game: The Mets would probably be mathematically eliminated at this point if the season had started on time, but, hey, that’s something!
  12. Going to a mall: C’mon Jessica. C’mon Tori.
  13. Writing a hockey preview: I learned so much about hockey advanced stats and it’s just in my mind waiting to be kicked out by something I need to learn for the bar.
  14. Studying for a bar exam that may or may not happen: People saying that quarantine is good practice for studying for the bar exam are not helping.
  15. Ordering a sub from Publix: No one in New Jersey understands the brilliance of a chicken tender sub.
  16. Never having to think about exponential growth again: Like, ever again.