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Thank you, Seniors.

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

Dear seniors:

The past few weeks have sucked - I’m not sure there’s a better way to put it. We are all so sorry that your seasons/years ended as abruptly as they did. It’s unfair, especially to your class.

I think I speak for most of the Boston College community when I say this - thank you. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Thank you for giving it your all these past four years.

Although we’re dealing with a truly unprecedented situation, I really do hope that your college careers aren’t solely defined by this one thing. I hope they’re defined and remembered by everything that you’ve done so far.

From the women’s basketball and volleyball seniors leading their teams to quick turnarounds and record breaking success this year, to the women’s lacrosse seniors making it to three straight Final Fours; from the men’s hockey seniors fighting their way back to the top of Hockey East and the NCAA, to the BC Football seniors helping bring College Gameday back to campus; from the women’s hockey seniors bringing two Beanpot championships and NCAA tournament appearances to the Heights, to the men’s basketball seniors leading a team to several upset wins; and many more - there are so many moments over the past four years to remember you all by. Thank you.

I’m sure you’ve heard this (or a variation of this) many times this year, but your Boston College journey doesn’t just end once you take the BC jersey off after your last game, or when you move out of your dorm room, or when you get your diploma at the end of the year. You’ll always be a part of the BC community, and we’ll always remember all the great memories from your time on the Heights. I know that was sappy, but we all need a little bit of that right now.

So thank you again, seniors, for all you’ve done at BC. We are all so excited to see what you do in your post-grad lives, and wish you all the success in the future! Go Eags :)