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Boston College Cancels All In-Person Classes, Orders All Students To Vacate Dormitories by March 15

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

Amidst a growing global health crisis, Boston College has announced in a statement that, effective immediately, all in-person classes are suspended for the rest of the semester, and will be completed online. Additionally, all students living on campus have been ordered to vacate the dormitories by 9 PM on Sunday, March 15.

Boston College was one of the few holdouts in the region that had not yet announced a move to online classes, but the situation has been and currently is still rapidly evolving.

The university, in its statement, has not announced anything about athletic events as of press time, but we will continue to monitor the situation and pass along any updates we are given. You can follow those updates in our post here.

In the statement, University President Fr. William P. Leahy noted that there have been no confirmed diagnoses of the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) on campus, but the decision was made "to safeguard not only our campus community but also wider society."