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BC Eagles Softball Takes 2 Wins, 3 Losses at FGCU Kickoff Classic

Boston College Athletics

The Eagles opened strong with a win over LIU this past Friday with a score of 2 runs to 1. LIU scored during the first inning, but the Eagles came back quickly in the bottom of the second with Kristen Giery on second base and Jenna Ergle batting deep into left field in her first at-bat. Sophomore Susannah Anderson was a huge factor in the win, throwing 113 pitches by the end of the seventh.

Later in the day, BC faced Florida Gulf Coast but lost in extra innings. This game the Eagles scored first as Djhane Valido hit into the right field wall to allow pinch-runner Gianna Sarlo to make a run from first base. Boston College scored twice at the top of the fourth, first with Valido making a double, allowing Ergle on first to make it home, then Valido was able to advance home on the next pitch, taking advantage of a wild pitch. At the bottom of the fourth, FGCU was able to make two runs, followed by another run in the fifth to even the score, 3-3. The scored remained tied and the game went into one extra inning where Florida was able to capitalize and make a run at the bottom of the eighth, ending with a final score of 3-4.

Saturday, the Eagles played back to back once again, first against UCONN, then against Delaware. Susannah Anderson pitched another complete game against the Huskies, making a career-high eight strikeouts. The game remained scoreless until the bottom of the fifth when UCONN was able to make one run off a bases-loaded HBP. BC was able to respond in the seventh as Maddy Carpe made her way around the diamond for a run. The Eagles scored next in the eighth as Jenna Ergle hit a line drive down right field, allowing Ellie Mataya to score and give the Eagles a 2-1 lead. The lead didn’t last long as the Huskies were able to score two runs at the bottom of the eight with a single allowing the runners on second and third base to both score. The game ended with a loss of 2-3.

Just a short time later, the Eagles then had to face Delaware for their fourth game in the FGCU Kickoff Classic. Delaware scored first in the bottom of the first, then again in the bottom of the second for the final run of the game. The Eagles lost, 0-2.

Finally, this Sunday morning, the Eagles played their fifth and final game of the tournament against Georgetown. Anderson pitch her third complete game, this time throwing a no-hitter to earn BC the win. She also reached a new career-high of ten strikeouts and pitched two perfect innings to secure the win. Boston College’s only run came at the bottom of the fifth as Emme Martinez pinch-hit for AJ Alatorre and sent a grounder to shortstop, allowing Maddy Carpe to make it home. The Eagles finished the game 1-0, and ended the tournament with two wins and three losses.

Next up is the ACC – Big Ten Tournament down in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend, Feb. 14-16, where the Eagles will be playing Iowa and Nebraska.