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Boston College Men’s Hockey Blows Two Goal Lead, Falls To Boston University 5-4 In Overtime

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COLLEGE HOCKEY: FEB 04 Beanpot Tournament - Boston College v Harvard

As the 68th Beanpot semifinal game between Boston College and Boston University took the turn into the homestretch it seemed that BC had the game in hand. A two goal lead and a power play to boot, the Eagles were poised for a win.

And then, Luke McInnis sent a BU defenseman’s stick into the rafters of the TD Garden. And the world came crashing down around the Eagles.

The Terriers scored two goals– one on the 4-on-4, and then a power play goal to erase the two goal lead, and then after the Terriers and Eagles traded two goals late in the third, the Terriers sealed the comeback during the “second” overtime period, sending the Terriers to the Beanpot championship of a 5-4 result, and sending the Eagles to the doom of the Beanpot consolation game.

The Eagles started the game well, notching two quick goals in the opening minutes of the game. Patrick Curry responded for the Terriers, but in the second period David Cotton scored a goal off a BU defenseman, giving the Eagles what seemed like a comfortable lead going into the third period.

Ten minutes into the third, the Eagles seemed on their way to a victory. The Eagles were given. power play after Logan Cockerill got sent off for hooking, and the Eagles worked on the power play.

But then, McInnis sent a BU stick flying away from the puck in the last few seconds of the power play, drawing a penalty and a 4-on-4. Patrick Harper and David Ferrance wiped out the BC lead in one minute and ten seconds.

The Terriers took the lead with less than two minutes left off a Robert Mastrosimone goal, but then the Terriers took a penalty of their own, and the Eagles went on the power play. BC’s captain came up big. David Cotton scored a goal with 58 seconds left to tie the game and send it to overtime.

After a five minute period to remain in compliance with the new NCAA overtime rules, the game went to a traditional overtime period (though the game officially went down as a draw). Seven minutes and twenty seconds later, Wilmer Skoog put the dagger through the hearts of BC, and the Terriers won the game.

Officially, it is a draw. In the Pairwise rankings, the game will be treated as such. Unfortunately, we know better. We know that BC was ten minutes away from being on their way to the Beanpot championship. But, alas, hockey can be cruel.