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The 68th Beanpot Tournament: Previewing Boston College Men’s Hockey v. boston university

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Happy Beanpot Monday y’all

Beanpot Tournament - Boston University Vs. Boston College Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

It’s officially trophy szn.

The Boston College Eagles will travel to the TD Garden to compete in the first round of the Beanpot against hated rival boston university.

Let’s break the matchup down.

Breaking Down the Matchup

  1. Getting pucks on net: The Eagles were held to merely 25 shots on goal during the mid-January matchup between the two teams, and while BC dominated in Corsi for, it’s not quite what you would hope from a team playing against a aggressively middle of the pack goaltender, though it was not far off. BC needs to get more than 25 of 56 shots on net, and BC needs to make Sam Tucker work.
  2. Improvement in goaltending: On the other side of the ice, Spencer Knight has been one of the best goaltenders in the country, but he did not look like it against bu last time the two teams played. Spencer Knight needs to look more like he did last Friday than Jan 18.
  3. Don’t let the venue change how you play: It’s the Beanpot. It’s a big game. But the Eagles have played in big games already this season. The Eagles just need to treat this game like it’s no different than any other game, because while it is, it really is not.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from bu’s Wikipedia Page

Only 19% of the student population came from a Massachusetts home. Presumably others knew better to stay away.

Barley and Hops Based Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

UFO White Ale

This is a quintessential Boston beer for a quintessential Boston game.


I fully expect for BU to be their absolute best. I think BC gets the win, but it’s going to require overtime. 3-2 BC.