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Boston College Splits Gamecock Invitational

Jenna Ergle makes three home runs in four games for a total of four on the season

Boston College Athletics

The Eagles fell to South Carolina in extra innings this past Friday, the first game of the Gamecock Invitational. Despite this, they followed the loss up with two strong wins over Liberty and Elon on Saturday, but ended with a loss late in the game Sunday against Iowa State to take home two wins and two losses.

Boston College was on the board first this Friday as Jenna Ergle hit a homer in deep left field at the top of the third. South Carolina was able to tie it up in the bottom of the second, followed by both teams scoring one run in the seventh inning, BC’s run coming from Djhane Valido. This forced the game to an eighth, where the Gamecocks were able to score a runner from first, leaving the final score 2-3.

The Saturday morning game much the same as the one the previous evening. Jenna Ergle once again knocked a homer into left field at the top of the third, but Liberty would have no response. The game stayed 1-0 until the top of the seventh, where AJ Alatorre’s double brought home both Gianna Sarlo and Maddy Carpe. Susannah Anderson’s game of a two-hit shutout very much contributed to the Eagles’ win of 3-0.

The afternoon game against Elon started a little shakier, with Elon getting the first three runs at the bottom of the third, but those would be the only runs they’d make. In the top of the sixth, Ergle would score her fourth home run of the season, third of the tournament, to start out BC’s response. Alatorre later singled, which allowed Sarlo and Britney Richardson to make their way home. Next inning, Emme Martinez’s single allowed Gianna Boccango to score from third. The next at-bat was Kristin Giery, who hit a sacrifice fly to bring Ellie Mataya home, also from third. Elon had no response at the bottom of the seventh, ending the game 5-3 for a second Eagles victory.

This morning’s game against Iowa State was the only game this tournament that the Eagles did not open the scoring in. Iowa State was on the board with their first run in the first followed by their second run in the second. Both Mataya and Ergle were brought home in consecutive at-bats in the bottom of the third. Iowa then scored twice more, once in the fifth, then in the sixth. Boccango answered in the bottom of the sixth by sending a homer down left field, allowing Richardson to score as well, bringing the game to four aside. Iowa then made a run at the top of the seventh to take the lead. The game ended with a Boston College loss, 4-5.

Boston College is back down in Georgia this upcoming weekend, Feb. 28 – March 1, to play Georgia, Eastern Illinois, and Western Carolina. The game on Friday against Western Carolina begins at 1pm.