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Ranking the Goals from BC’s 10-1 Win Over Northeastern

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Every goal ranked scientifically

COLLEGE HOCKEY: FEB 10 Beanpot Tournament - Consolation Game - Boston College v Harvard Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Friday night’s game against Northeastern saw BC hang a ten spot on the Huskies, and I for one am not done laughing about it. So let’s take a look at all ten goals and rank them on a totally random scale that I created. To do that, I asked two questions: 1) how pretty was the goal? and 2) how rude was the goal? Each goal was ranked from 1-10 in both categories and at the end I tallied up a winner.

Let’s dive into this


A misplay by the Northeastern goalie more than anything, this was a nice forechecking job by Marc McLaughlin, but not a goal that was particularly rude or pretty. Points for the bank job though, that looked deliberate.

Goal Ranking: 3/10

Rudeness Ranking: 1/10

Total: 4/20


Always love a good tip drill, so Hardman gets credit there. This goal was originally credited to Boldy, but Hardman pretty clearly got a piece of it. It was 6-0 after this goal went in, so the game was pretty much over already, but not to the hysterical level that it would reach in the third. Not a bad goal, but definitely not as rude as some of the ones ranked above it.

Goal Ranking: 4/10

Rudeness Ranking: 3/10

Total: 7/20


This could have been so much higher - it’s a really nice passing play and Boldy’s celebration starts off strong. But the above tweet nails it, the stumble costs him big points in the rudeness category. If he lands it, we could be talking top 3 status here.

Goal Rating: 7/10

Rudeness Rating: 1/10

Total: 8/20


You have to go to the 1:40 mark of the video above to see this one, but it was a nice finish by Boldy on a nice passing play, but it was 8-1 at the time and things hadn’t gotten chippy yet, so it scores low in terms of rudeness.

Goal Ranking: 6/10

Rudeness Ranking: 4/10

Total: 10/20


Logan Hutsko has some fantastic celebrations, and this was a nice goal that probably put the game to bed before things got silly. An all around solid entry on this dumb list.

Goal Ranking: 6/10

Rudeness Ranking: 5/10

Total: 11/20


This goal stands out to be because of how truly awful the defensive play the Huskies is. Newhook starts this clip right outside of his own crease and ends at the opposite side of the ice and at no point does a single Northeastern player come close to defending him. Just look at him go through the neutral zone. Guys, that’s one of our leading goal scorers! Maybe put a body on him.

Goal Ranking: 7/10

Rudeness Ranking: 5/10

Total: 12/20


BUSTING OUT SPIN MOVES IN THE THIRD PERIOD OF AN 8-1 GAME! This goal was clearly an accident as it bounced of an opponent’s stick and in, but it’s high in this ranking for being so unnecessarily rude.

Goal Ranking: 4/10

Rudeness Ranking: 9/10

Total: 13/20


At the other end of the spectrum, we have a goal off a truly gorgeous passing play. A nice play in the corner by Jack McBain gets the puck behind the net to McLaughlin, who finds Graham McPhee out front for a slam dunk. The rudeness score gets a boost because of McPhee’s celebration and because he later got into an altercation with a Northeastern player that ended with him pointing at the scoreboard and getting a misconduct (the score was 9-1 at this point).

Goal Ranking: 9/10

Rudeness Ranking: 6/10

Total: 15/20


Flying the zone and banging your stick on the ice to call for a pass to set up a breakaway while up six late in the second period? I love it, I absolutely love it. Add in the fact that he slammed home his own rebound on a goalie that was completely out of the play and we have ourselves a strong contender. Marshall Warren made a great pass to set this one up, so the goal gets points for that too.

Goal Ranking: 8/10

Rudeness Ranking: 9/10

Total: 17/20


Shorthanded against a third string goalie and Rasanen just lets go a laser to make it 10-1. Once again, I love it.

Goal Ranking: 8/10

Rudeness Ranking: 10/10

Total: 18/20