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Former Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinksi Joins Hafley Staff

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Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers


Former Cleveland Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski has rejoined the college ranks, joining Jeff Hafley’s staff on the Eagles. Chudzinski will be entering in an off-field role and will be a key veteran resource for Coach Hafley, per Pete Thamel.

Chudzinksi, 51, hasn’t been in college football since 2003, when he was an offensive coordinator with the University of Miami. He had begun his coaching career there at his alma mater in 1994, and won a national championship in 2001. He also served as a tight ends coach at the U for a time. He joined the Cleveland Browns as a tight ends coach in 2004, and held the same role with the Chargers for two more seasons early in Antonio Gates’s career. Then he came back to the Browns as an offensive coordinator for two years, then went back to the Chargers, followed by the Panthers during Cam Newton’s rookie year. He became head coach of the Browns in 2013, but was fired after one season, spending the next few years with the Indianapolis Colts as offensive coordinator.

Basically, Chudzinski has plenty of experience, and is more or less a tight end whisperer, with offenses in his stops having a lot of production going to tight ends (@Hunter Long).

Still feels super random, but sure, why not.