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The Hockey East Standings Are a Mess, How Will They End?

A whole lot left to be decided with the regular season winding down

COLLEGE HOCKEY: FEB 10 Beanpot Tournament - Consolation Game - Boston College v Harvard Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The regular season is winding down for the Boston College men’s hockey team, and pretty much nothing has been decided at the top of the Hockey East standings. BC is in a good spot right now, but a bad weekend or two could potentially have them on the road for the first round.

Let’s take a look at exactly where we are with three weekends of hockey left to play and how things could change.


24 points, 6 games remaining (@NU, vs NU, vs MC, at BU, vs UNH, @UNH)

Max Points: 36

Technically first thanks to having a game in hand, BC is the only team that controls their own destiny. Put simply, win out, and they win the conference. That’s not an easy ask, however, as Norhteastern is coming off of a two game sweep of UMass Lowell and BC has already lost against BU (sort of) and UNH. Still, going either 5-1 or 4-2 probably gets the job done and almost certainly guarantees them home ice. A .500 finish or worse and things could get interesting.


24 points, 5 remaining (@UML, vs UML, @UConn, vs UConn, vs UVM)

May Points: 34

Oh man. This upcoming home-and-home with Lowell should be awesome. As a BC fan, you should probably root for a split, or ideally a pair of ties, but this should be some really good hockey. This is a Friday/Saturday series and BC is a Thursday/Friday, so if you’re looking for something to do on Saturday night, you could do a lot worse than tuning into this game.

After that, UMass has three pretty winnable games to close out their schedule. So maybe we should be pulling for Lowell.


23 points, 5 remaining (@UConn, vs UConn, vs BC, @NU, vs NU)

May Points: 33

I straight up don’t get this team. They have a 5-0 win over Lowell on their resume along with some other good wins but they’ve also been blitzed by Merrimack (5-1) and Sacred Heart (4-0). Just look at their schedule, they have violent swings basically week to week. Last week was the good version of their team, as they picked up two wins over New Hampshire and jumped up to third in the conference.

Because of their general lack of consistency, I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where they win out. But could they get hot and go 4-1? Sure. I’m pretty sure they’re a good team that has REALLY bad off nights every now and then, but maybe they find some consistency down the stretch.


22 points, 5 remaining (vs UMass, @UMass, vs UNH, @UNH, vs UConn)

May Points: 32

As stated earlier, this weekend’s series against UMass Amherst is borderline must watch if you’re interested in the race for the top spot in Hockey East Lowell just stumbled with two losses against Northeastern, so they’re either vulnerable or primed for a bounce-back depending on which narrative you subscribe to. Certainly nothing easy on this schedule, but they’ve got a game or two in hand on some of the teams chasing them, which helps.


22 points, 4 remaining (vs UVMx2, @Prov, vs Prov)

Max Points: 30

Hey so Maine is way better than I realized. They’re right in the race for at least top 4 spot in Hockey East, maybe those two losses from a few weeks ago don’t look SO bad in hindsight.

Ignoring that, the two games against Vermont should be slam dunks. The Providence series is interesting, but only having a max of 30 points puts them at a bit of a disadvantage. They could sneak into the top 4, but I don’t really see them pushing for a top spot in the conference.


21 points, 6 remaining (vs BC, @BC, @UVM x2, vs BU, @BU)

Max Points: 33

Northeastern is red hot, with wins in 5 of their last six (I’m counting the Beanpot final here) including two against Lowell last weekend. This weekend against BC is massive (for both teams). If NU sweeps, they can probably talk themselves into taking the whole conference. A split and they’re probably still in good shape to host in the quarterfinals, but getting swept could have them hitting the road. That last weekend series against BU could end up being pretty important too. I don’t have much to back this up, but it feels like Northeastern has the widest range of where they could conceivably end up at the end of the season.


21 points, 4 remaining (vs MC, @MC, vs Maine, @Maine)

Max Points: 29

Providence has been up and down all season, and may have hurt their chances at hosting by dropping a point in a 1-1 tie with Vermont last weekend. They did beat the Catamounts on Saturday to end four game winless streak, but they’re still looking up at a lot of teams that have games in hand going into the final few weekends. They probably get into the playoffs, though hosting looks like it would take some breaks going their way.


20 points, 5 remaining (vs BU, @BU, vs UMass, @UMass, @UML)

Max Points: 30

Yeah have fun ending with that schedule. UConn has been alright recently, going 3-1 in two games series against UNH and Maine, but that’s a tough group of games to end the season. They’ll probably need at least a couple points to finish in the top eight, but it won’t be easy.

To their credit though, they’ve been playing well. They have wins in five of their last eight so who knows, maybe they can hold off New Hampshire. Speaking of which...


19 points, 4 remaining (@UML, vs UML, @BC, vs BC)

Max Points: 27

Another brutal stretch to end the season, but this time with one fewer game than the team that they’re chasing. Though it is worth mentioning that UNH did beat BC in their only prior match-up this season and do have some other impressive wins - including a 2-0-1 record against UMass. They’ve also shot themselves in the foot a bit, with a lose at Merrimack back in December and by getting swept by UConn earlier this month.

They also have this weekend off, so they’ll just be scoreboard watching. That’s a tough break this late in the season.


13 points, 3 remaining (@Prov, vs Prov, @BC)

Max Points: 19

Winning out won’t even get them in, so the best they can do is play spoilers. If they can take a point or two from Providence or BC, they can really mess things up at the top of the standings.


3 points, 5 remaining (@ Maine x2, vs NU x2, @UMass)

Max Points: 13

Probably not their year.

So there it is. Thanks to some strong play in conference to this point and because of how the remaining schedules look, BC is the only team that controls its own destiny. But things are far from determined - the bottom two spots to be the only things set in stone. BC doesn’t have the most difficult of the remaining schedule (that honor probably belongs to either UConn or UNH), but they do have two games against a hot Northeastern team and games against teams in BU and New Hampshire that they have already lost to this season. Every weekend down the stretch should produce some really fun hockey, though, both for BC and in games around the league. It’s a fun time of the year and the complete mess that we have in the standings only makes it more exciting.