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Men’s Basketball Preview: Boston College vs North Carolina State

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The only thing to do after a disaster is to pick up the pieces and rebuild

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Virginia Tech Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps no loss has been harder to accept than BC’s blowout loss at home to Miami. The Hurricanes were a team BC certainly could’ve and probably should’ve beaten. The most disheartening aspect of the loss was not the offensive struggles, those are nothing new, it was how the Eagles’ hearts just didn’t seem to be in the game at times. Now the Eagles need to look themselves in the mirror and pull it together as they host NC State Wolfpack.


February 16th, 2020

6:00 pm


Silvio Conte Forum

Chestnut Hill, MA

How to Watch

The game is going to be broadcast on the ACC Network, which can be found on channel 612 for DirecTV, 402 for Dish Network, 388 for Spectrum, and for Verizon Fios channel is 329 for standard definition and channel 829 for high-def.

The game will also be available to those subscribed to the ACC Network via the ESPN app.

Furthermore, the ACC Network is available to those with subscriptions to Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or Playstation VUE.

You can also find a TV provider with ACC Network by going on

How To Listen


Preview the Wolfpack

The Wolfpack are having a fairly good season, currently sitting at fifth in the ACC with a 7-6 conference record and an overall record of 16-8. The team is considered to be a potential bubble team for March Madness but with their best win coming against UVA they have a lot of work to do in order to get into the tournament. The Wolfpack are a solid offensive team scoring 74.5 points per game while shooting 44.8% from the field and a decent 32.5% from beyond the arc. Defensively the team only surrenders 69.1 points per game, although at 14 free-throw attempts per game they do send opponents to the line fairly often. The Eagles will have to make sure to take advantage of those trips when they get them. Another check mark in BC’s favor is that NC State is being out rebounded by opponents by an average margin of 1.2 per game. Not much but hopefully, Steffon Mitchell and Nik Popovic can widen that margin by a bit.

Player to Watch

C.J. Bryce. The senior guard brings and experienced presence to the court and an active one at that. Bryce leads the team in scoring 13.9 points per game as well as rebound of all things with 6.2. Bryce is also tied for second in terms of assists and is one the team’s better shooters, hitting 48.8% from the floor and a team best 39.3 from three. Jay Heath or Derryck Thornton need to rebound from their poor performance against Miami if they are to keep Bryce in check.

BC’s Best Chance to Win

Take it to the paint. The fact that NC State’s rebounding leader is one of their guards immediately casts doubt on the talent of the Wolfpack’s big men. Furthermore, the Eagles are only shooting 29.7% from three. This team immediately gets into trouble when they start missing shots as it has a ripple effect where once their confidence shooting the ball is falters, their overall confidence isn’t far behind. The Eagles need to focus on getting easy buckets in order to get into a rhythm and the paint provides plenty of those opportunities.

Score Predictions

BC - 73 / NC State - 71