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Previewing the 68th Men’s Beanpot Consolation Game: Boston College Men’s Hockey v. Harvard

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COLLEGE HOCKEY: FEB 03 Beanpot Tournament - Boston College v Boston University Photo by Mark Box/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well, time for my yearly rant about the inanity of the Beanpot consolation game not being available for any form of visual consumption.

Once again, the Beanpot consolation game will be played at TD Garden at 4:30 on championship Monday. And, once again, the game will not be televised on NESN, NESN+, or even with a single camera mounted on a tripod manned by an intern on Periscope or something.

And, I get it. NESN doesn’t want to preempt such important programming such as… a replay of the game last week, BU Terriers Unleashed and Northeastern Huskies All-Access on the main channel and a replay of last year’s Beanpot championship on NESN+.

Good lord that lineup is depressing.

But anyway, it boggles the mind that the consolation game is not available anywhere. It wouldn’t be so bad, except, shockingly, a team between two perennially good teams late in February has significant Pairwise implications for both teams. It wouldn’t be such a big deal either except this happens every year, where the consolation game has as much long-term implications in the Pairwise as the nightcap.

But, again, BC hockey fans are resigned to Rish and Powers for the consolation game. They’re a pretty solid alternative, but it still doesn’t make up for being shut out.

Also, as an aside, spare me the “it hurts the attendance” argument. I’ve been to three consolation games. Televising the consolation will not have an impact on all of the fan in attendance.

Let’s talk about the game.

Breaking Down the Consolation Game

  1. Don’t take really stupid penalties: You think taking a really bad penalty had a negative impact on BC last week? Harvard’s power play has the ability to make BC’s more and more statistically pedestrian kill absolutely miserable all night if BC lets it. BC needs to keep this game at full-strength, where the Eagles have a slight advantage.
  2. Puck luck: Out of the last five games, BC has lost four of them and all four of those losses were by one goal. It was not like BC had its chances– BC had plenty of chances to put the game away against BU in particular. BC has been very solid in close situations, BC just needs more bounces to go its way.
  3. Get back on track: Is this too similar to the last one? Probably. But this needs to be a solid reset for BC, which has been sliding a little bit. A big win should be just what the doctor ordered.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact on Harvard’s Wikipedia Page

Harvard’s graduate engineering school is only the 21st best in the country. Slackers.


I’m going to say a 3-1 victory for BC, because something tells me BC is due.