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What Taylor Swift Songs Should You Listen to Based on Your Favorite Boston College Team?

It’s been far too long since I wrote a Taylor Swift article that annoys everyone

55th Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show Photo by TASRIGHTSMANAGEMENT2020/Getty Images via Getty Images

In the past, we’re written articles assigning Taylor Swift songs to BC MIH players and alums. Today, we’re giving you some Taylor Swift playlists based on your favorite team.

We’re in a pandemic, don’t pretend you have better things to do than become a Taylor Swift fan.

[Note: The Spotify embeds may not show up depending on the platform you’re using. Try the direct link or viewing it on your computer.]

If you’re a BC football fan, you’re a fan of what is popular, so you should start with the popular singles: Teardrops on My Guitar, Our Song, Love Story, You Belong With Me, Mine, I Knew You Were Trouble, Blank Space, Shake It Off, Lover, and cardigan. Also Stay Stay Stay and Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince because they both have football content.

If you’re a BC men’s basketball fan, you are always hoping for the best and then dealing with let down when the coaching staff just can’t get it together, so you should start out with the saddest Taylor Swift songs. You need to process your feelings somehow. Check out Teardrops on My Guitar, The Story of Us, The Last Time, Sad Beautiful Tragic, Death By a Thousand Cuts, exile, my tears ricochet, this is me trying, Beautiful Ghosts, and All Too Well. Also This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things to get some of your anger out and Wildest Dreams because you still have that hope that the team will find success.

If you’re a BC women’s basketball fan, you should listen to A Place in This World, You Need to Calm Down, and Speak Now because you probably are confident sharing your opinions, Forever & Always, Red, and Out of the Woods because following this team has been a rollercoaster but things are looking up again, It’s Nice to Have a Friend because you value tight friendships, and betty, Style, and All Too Well because you have impeccable taste.

If you’re a BC women’s hockey fan, you should listen to Fearless, mad woman, and I Did Something Bad because those are all hockey vibes and you like the occasional check/fight, Back to December and Christmas Tree Farm because those are winter vibes, and Enchanted, the 1, Shake It Off, and the last great american dynasty because you’re sure this team is going to finally break through and get that NCAA Tournament win someday.

If you’re a BC men’s hockey fan, you should listen to ...Ready for It?, Paper Rings, Sweeter Than Fiction, and Today Was a Fairytale because you love championships and success, Bad Blood and Look What You Made Me Do because you like a little bit of aggression, New Year’s Day and Cold as You for the wintery hockey vibes, and 22 in honor of the players that wait before coming to college and are older than their classmates. Also Long Live and King of My Heart, shoutout to Jerry York.

If you’re a BC lacrosse fan, you should listen to Tell Me Why, If This Was a Movie, The Lucky One, Shake It Off, and Endgame because these are all very “constantly getting to the Championship and never getting the trophy” songs. Also Mean and The Man because you’re sick of people bringing up “why don’t we have varsity men’s lacrosse?” whenever you mention the team, Daylight because you like daytime sports, and ME! because I personally associate this song with BC WLax after listening to it on repeat on the way to the ACC Tournament the day it came out.

If any other team is your favorite, you’ll probably like the under-appreciated gems like Should’ve Said No, You’re Not Sorry, Haunted, Wonderland, Holy Ground, Getaway Car, Miss American and the Heartbreak Prince, Afterglow, august, and Come Back...Be Here.