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The Idiot’s Guide to Bye Week 1


Boston College lost a difficult game to its most ancient rival last week. For Eagles fans, that means either going on a football hiatus until the Dec. 5 game against Virginia, or, instead, you can pick a back-up team to follow! Here are some suggestions.

Minnesota: It’s a maroon and gold team with a hockey presence. Also, they play an annoying amount of Friday games, something that we can empathize with.

Coastal Carolina: The indie darling out of the nation’s strongest conference, the Sun Belt. No one is ever going to see a game played by this team, but you better believe if it finishes undefeated there will be a whole lot of people saying it should be in the College Football Playoff. Watch them play so you could say you watched them before it was cool.

Wisconsin: Tired of the monotony of BC only having one game postponed due to institutional competence in controlling the virus amongst the football program? Come root for the team that’s only going to play six games this year because of cancellations!

Stanford: The gold standard of college athletic programs, and… well pretty much everything else, you can support a program that also takes academics seriously. Plus, let’s be honest, we like to feel superior some times as BC graduates, and how awesome will we feel when we correct people that, no it’s Cardinal, not Cardinals. A certain former EIC of this site is going to kill me for this one.

Penn State: ew, gross. But also, James Franklin is going to last just as long as Steve Addazio did at BC! Pinstripe Bowl flashback!

And that’s it folks, all the teams you can support these next few weeks while waiting for BC to come back to the field.

Look, I know it’s low effort content, what do you want from me? Fourteen games got cancelled or postponed this week and no one did anything overtly stupid, it’s the best I could do.

The Idiot’s Guide to Bye Week 1

Thursday, Nov. 19

Tulsa over Tulane

Friday, Nov. 20

Louisville over Syracuse

Minnesota over Purdue: Seriously, this is the third Friday game Minnesota will have to play this year. What did Minnesota ever do to the league to deserve this?

FAU over Umass

Air Force over New Mexico

Saturday, Nov. 21

Ohio State over Indiana: The fact that this is between two teams separated by six places in the rankings and the spread is 20.5 points says a lot about the abject lack of parity in college football.

Clemson over @ Florida State

Florida over @ Vanderbilt: That Ohio State spread was the smallest spread out of these three

Coastal Carolina over Appalachian State: What a weird year of football that Appalachian State isn’t favored in a conference game.

Memphis over Stephen F. Austin

Nebraska over Illinois

Maryland over Michigan State

Temple over East Carolina

Army over Georgia Southern:

LSU over @ Arkansas: Oh how the mighty fall. LSU goes from being a national favorite to being a two point favorite on the road in Arkansas. Arkansas!

Arkansas State over Texas State

Western Kentucky over You Don’t Care About This Game Stop Reading

North Texas over Rice

BYU over North Alabama: I know that the independents are in a bit of a pickle about who they are playing, and I guess Boise State is a good program, but holy cow BYU has got to have the weakest resume of any team sniffing the CFP right now.

UTSA over @ Southern Mississippi

Cincinnati over UCF

Wisconsin over @ Northwestern

Oregon over UCLA

Troy over Middle Tennessee

Iowa over Penn State: For all of the hoopla about Penn State being back and James Franklin being the savior of the program, we’re back to where we started, Penn State being an underdog at home on the conference network.

My cousins, both Penn State graduates asked me why I have so much rent free space in my head dedicated to Penn State. My response is that not charging rent is an act of charity, as I realize they’re going to have to buy out James Franklin soon and need the money.

San Diego State over @ Nevada: Wait, this is the 3:30 CBS network game? Two teams that, if you asked the average person if they had a football team they wouldn’t believe you? Not some SEC game? Is there a congressperson I could write to?

Cal over @ Oregon State

Alabama over Kentucky

Iowa over K-State

Virginia over Abilene Christian, for some reason

Pitt over Virginia Tech

USA over Georgia State

Auburn over Tennessee: Tennessee was ignored for suggested teams to root for because Knoxville is not even the best city in East Tennessee. I’m not sorry.

San Jose State over @ Fresno State

Oklahoma over Oklahoma State: These two teams are ranked, proving once and for all that the rankings are utterly meaningless this year

Give me Liberty, or give me North Carolina: I actually refuse to pick this game.

Missouri over @ South Carolina: Will Muschamp needed to be fired. But, like the 48-3 loss to A&M didn’t do it, but the 59-42 loss to Ole Miss did?

Rutgers over Michigan: I wouldn’t even be surprised, tbh. Jim Harbaugh will leave Michigan and the Jets will hire him and he will steer them to another 4-12 season.

Washington over Arizona

USC over The Two Utes

The Tree over Washington State

Boise State over Hawai’i


There are too many. Just look them up. I delayed this a day so I would be able to have up-to-date info when I posted. It may have changed. I don’t even know at this point.