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Brett Peterson named Assistant General Manager of the Florida Panthers

Peterson becomes the first Black assistant GM in the NHL

Stanley Hu

On Tuesday, Brett Peterson was named the assistant general manager of the Florida Panthers, becoming the first ever Black assistant GM in the NHL.

Peterson was a defenseman at BC from 2001-2004, and was a part of the 2001 National Championship-winning team. After graduating, Peterson played professional hockey in different minor leagues for five years, before going on to become a player agent and later vice president of hockey for the Wasserman Media Group.

Bill Zito, the general manager of the Panthers, expressed his awe at Peterson’s experience, stating that it is rare to find someone who has significant experience in hockey as a player, as an agent, and in business the way that he does. Peterson also serves as an advisor to the NextGEN AAA Foundation hockey team, which is an organization that provides hockey programs to underserved communities. He will be taking an active role in the Florida Panthers Foundation’s programs to make hockey more inclusive in South Florida.

While it’s exciting to watch BC Hockey alums achieving success after their college playing careers, it’s also equally fulfilling to watch them break longstanding barriers as they do so.