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Boston College Field Hockey Player Tests Positive for COVID 19

Wishing a quick recovery to the affected player.

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

The Boston College field hockey team has postponed the next 5 games of the season after a player tested positive for COVID 19. Nine other players will also be quarantining for 2 weeks after contact tracing suggested they may have been exposed.

Upcoming games against Syracuse (2), Duke, UVA, and UNC have been postponed due to BC having an insufficient number of players left to compete. It is unclear when or how BC and the ACC plan to reschedule these games.

This is the first confirmed positive test amongst BC athletes since mid-September, when an outbreak within the swimming and diving program caused practices to be cancelled.

So far this week, BC has reported 7 positive tests on campus and 4 positives amongst undergraduates. In total, BC has had 188 positive tests since late August, 182 of which have been undergrads.

We’re wishing a speedy recovery to the infected player and hoping her teammates remain in the clear.