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The Idiot’s Guide to Week Whatever Week In College Football This Is

Special I just took the bar edition

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Boston College Adam Richins-USA TODAY Sports

I missed this column.

Last year we all decided to take on a new football column, and I chose to write this stupid column where I picked games and gave my unsolicited, frequently silly thoughts on things. While it sometimes took a while to write, it always was a fun process.

I took the Georgia Bar Examination Monday and Tuesday from the (dis)comfort of my own home. In the lead-up to the exam, I obviously spent some time studying, which means this column, along with BCI Radio was put on a brief hiatus until the end of the bar.

But now I’m done! And now everyone gets to read my dumb, unsolicited commentary again. So let’s get started!

College Football Week 6:

Thursday, Oct. 8

HOUSTON over Tulane: In a game that can be charitably be referred to as “being played,” Houston gets to play football for the first time after getting its entire September slate wiped out due to COVID-19 issues with its opponents. It kind of stinks that a team that really hasn’t had any known problems with COVID has had to wait this long to play football, so we’ll give them a win, and perhaps some masks to play with.

Friday, Oct. 9

LOUISVILLE over @ Ga. Tech: Don’t let the record deceive you. Louisville had to go up against two very good ACC opponents after taking care of business against Western Kentucky. The Cardinals should be able to dispense with the Ramblin’ Wreck, and come back to Kentucky with a win.

Saturday, Oct. 10

FLORIDA over @ Texas A&M: If you listen closely, you can still hear Alabama scoring on Texas A&M. I wonder what the money to points against ratio is going to be like for Jimbo Fisher’s $7.5 million a year contract.

Va. TECH over @ North Carolina: I’m not still salty about last week why do you ask.

LSU over Mizzou: Dropping the defending champions down to No. 17 after a ten point loss to a decent Mississippi State team seems kind of harsh to be honest. But, as we’ll discuss in a second, it allows for the possibility of Louisiana-Lafayette to be more highly ranked than LSU, and I am very much here for that. LSU should be able to take care of business against Mizzou this week.

LOUISIANA over Coastal Carolina: Two best teams from the best conference in college football this year. And I'm only kidding a moderate amount. The Sun Belt has had one heck of a start to the season, mostly at the expense of the Big 12, which is something we’re here for! I’m picking Louisiana because the chance of the Ragin’ Cajuns being ranked ahead of LSU is too good to pass up.

TEXAS over Oklahoma: This may be one of the more underwhelming Red River Showdowns in recent memory. Neither team is all that good, both teams are coming off a bad loss, and yet somehow Texas is ranked. How many times will Texas be “back” only for everyone to be disappointed again?

LIBERTY over UL Monroe

VIRGINIA over NC State

SYRACUSE over Duke

ARMY over The Citadel: Still waiting for Army to play the Space Force Academy.

GEORGIA over Tennessee: Instead of being one of the people braving the very real COVID risk at Sanford Stadium, you could watch this game at a packed bar in Athens because that’s apparently a think you could do!


IOWA STATE over Texas Tech

ARKANSAS STATE over Central Arkansas

TROY over Texas State

AUBURN over Arkansas: Arkansas football went three years without winning a game in conference and no one was clamoring to kick them out of the conference.

Wait everyone was doing that?

BOSTON COLLEGE over Pittsburgh: BC had a real chance against North Carolina last week. I think they seal the deal against Pitt this week.

TCU over K-State


FAU over @ Southern Miss

ALABAMA over @ Ole Miss

TEMPLE over @ Navy


CLEMSON over Miami: Apparently the Miami Dolphins are being allowed by the Florida state government to have full attendance at Hard Rock Stadium? Does Ron DeSantis want people to get COVID? Anyway the Dolphins aren’t touching it for now, let’s see if the ‘Canes will.

COVID-19 over Notre Dame: Notre Dame opened its doors this year to students amidst great fanfare and the president of the university saying that it’s worth the risk. Between then and now, there was an outbreak amongst the football team causing games to be cancelled, the university had to switch to online classes for a period, and now the president of the university caught the virus after participating in a notable super-spreader event. We should be upset when students aren’t being responsible with COVID-19 prevention measures. We should be livid when leadership isn’t either.

NOTRE DAME over FSU: …but the Irish will win this week.


MARSHALL over @ Western Kentucky


NORTH TEXAS over Charlotte

Postponed due to COVID

UAB @ Rice