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NCAA Announces Upcoming Frozen Four Sites

2012 Men’s Frozen Four: Boston College Vs. Ferris State Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The NCAA has announced the upcoming Frozen Four sites for both men’s and women’s hockey through 2026. Here’s to hoping that hockey and travel will be back to normal so we can take some trips to watch both BC teams win some championships!

This spring, the men’s Frozen Four will be held in Pittsburgh and the women’s in Erie, PA. It remains unclear what these tournaments will look like or if fans will be able to attend. In 2022, the men’s finals will be played right here in Boston at the TD Garden and the women’s finals will be in State College, PA. These 4 locations were known prior to today, as they were part of the last round of bids.

2023 starts the new announcements. The men’s Frozen Four will return to BCI’s personal favorite location (and the location of one of the Eagles’ NCAA Championship victories), Tampa Bay. Meanwhile, the women will play their finals in Duluth.

In 2024. the women will play nearby at UNH and the men’s tournament will head over to the Twin Cities, which recently hosted the tournament in 2018.

2025 sees the men’s tournament hosted in St. Louis and the women’s tournament returning to Minnesota, this time Minneapolis.

Finally, in 2026 the women’s Frozen Four heads back to State College and the men’s tournament will be played in Las Vegas. Fans have been clamoring for a Vegas Frozen Four since the NHL added the Golden Knights and turned Vegas into a hockey city, so that combined with Tampa makes this a great round of selections on the men’s side!