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WR Kobay White Enters Transfer Portal

Boston College v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Boston College’s top wide receiver is entering the transfer portal. The redshirt junior out of PA is electing to test the waters as a graduate transfer. He led the Eagles’ wide receiver corps with 29 catches, five touchdowns, and 460 receiving yards this season, and produced a similar stat line in the two prior seasons.

With the coaching change and the possible addition of Michigan transfer Tarik Black, White is likely trying to give himself another opportunity to shine one last time. After a disappointing bowl game to end the season, I think many are skeptical of whether we’re looking at more of a rebuild than retool. Of course, there were plenty of other factors at play, but White is just exploring other options after a few good years of service in a run first offense.

This could be reading the tea leaves a little too much, but I would imagine this could indicate the end of Anthony Brown as well. With Dennis Grosel or a young Sam Johnson, White is likely looking for a more stable situation, and could have insights into Brown’s mindset heading into next season.