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Previewing Boston College Men’s Hockey v. Maine

Maine University Vs Boston College Men’s Hockey Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

After a string of very difficult games, the Boston College Eagles will take on a Maine team currently in a fight for the last tournament spot in the Hockey East tournament in two games at Kelley Rink. What should we expect from this series? Let’s break it down.

Breaking Down the Two Game Series

  1. meh.: In terms of statistics, Maine has probably the most meh. recent history in a this part of the season. The Black Bears are middle of the pack at even strength in Corsi For %, and are towards the bottom for Goals For % as well. The Black Bears should be taken seriously, but there is nothing that indicates that the Black Bears are hiding an offensive juggernaut at Alfond.
  2. Converting at even-strength: Somehow Maine has the seventh best penalty kill in the nation. No, really. The Maine kill is downright stingy. Now, granted, the Eagles have shown that they can succeed in a difficult game without having to rely on scoring on the power play, but this week they are going to have to beat Maine at even strength. Doable, but not the Eagles’ bread and butter (although BC is still one of the best teams at even strength in the country).
  3. Shutting Down Maine’s Top Line: The line of Mitchell Fossier, Tim Doherty and Eduards Tralmaks is the best by far on the Black Bears, and how BC responds to their play is going to be important.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Maine’s Wikipedia Page

Maine has won two national championships. That doesn’t sound right.

Barley and Hops Based Alcoholic Beverage of the Games

Chattanooga Brewing Company Chatahooligan Kölsch

Two things. First, Chattanooga is awesome. Second, so is this beer.


Sweepy sweepy.

4-1 BC, 3-2 BC.