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Poll Watch: BC Football Gains Some Votes In AP & Coaches Polls

Onward and upward

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Richmond v Boston College Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Boston College Football’s ho-hum win over FCS Richmond wasn’t going to turn any heads among the college football voters, but it was enough to keep the Eagles moving in the right direction in both the AP Poll and the USA Today Coaches Poll.

Last week, BC was at 10 votes in the Coaches Poll, good for the 37th most votes. The Eagles moved up to the 33rd highest team in the poll with 31 votes.

In the more important AP Poll, BC eeked out a bit higher than last week as well. Boston College went from 1 vote last week to 2 votes this week, up to 36th most votes from 38th most last week.

Maryland, USC, Mississippi State, Boise State , and Virginia all moved up from Not Ranked into the top 25 of one of both of the polls on the strength of better wins. BC has only Power 5 opponents remaining from here, but Friday night’s matchup against Kansas (#111 in Sagarin) probably won’t do much for the Eagles either — BC will need to rely on other teams around them taking a loss to move up closer to the Top 25.