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BC 45 - Rich 13: What have we learned after two games?

NCAA Football: Richmond at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

More about other teams on our schedule than our own quite frankly. Syracuse, as most of us knew, is a FRAUD, Kansas and Rutgers are who we thought they were, and Florida State is not back.

BC easily defeated Richmond Saturday. We saw about a half and change of the regular starters, and saw very little of the younger guys. That’s fine, a number of older guys who paid their due got a chance to feature and make plays in this contest. It’s always great to see that. There isn’t that much I really have to say about this game, so I’ll keep it brief.

The defense looked quite shaky early on. Luckily, Addazio saw much of the same and said as much post-game. This partly explains the excessive running, as Addazio said he realized they needed slower drives to allow the defense to regroup. Whether the play calling was optimal to provide this might beg to differ, but against Richmond, I don’t want to dive into it.

Anthony Brown completed 8 of 14, passes, only two of which were to wide receivers, one depending on how we count Ben Glines. I’m going to be honest, those passes didn’t look all to great. Most of the completions were wide open, and the incompletions weren’t pretty. Again, I’m not putting too much stock on this game, there are too many other factors at play. That being said, I still want to see more out of the short passing game, and want AB to show progress in dicing up opposing defenses.

I thought it was really unfortunate we only saw a combined two passes from Valecce and Grosel. Brown probably played more than he needed to, and was more of a by-standard when he was out there. Despite Coach Addazio saying they didn’t want to run AB much in this game, he still ended up taking off a handful of times. This probably could have been avoided by taking him out earlier and letting the younger QBs throw the damn ball, and show us what they have to offer. Given Brown’s injury history these past two seasons. This was one of the best opportunities you could have asked for.

The Narrative

Coming out of the game, there was plenty of “we didn’t want to show anything to Kansas for next week.” What? Is this still a thing?BC put plenty on tape in the win over Virginia Tech. I have a feeling Kansas and Les Miles weren’t putting much all too much into this game regardless. Also, it’s Kansas, clearly not as difficult of a matchup as Richmond proved to be, after a loss to Coastal Carolina in a 12-7 nail-biter this weekend.

It was a leading question that was asked regarding Kansas, but then Addazio went on to talk about getting guys off the field quickly despite having the power to take them off whenever he wants. I don’t know, there’s only so much new stuff that we could show that hasn’t been digested at nauseam these past few season.


An investigation should be launched into Richmond and their head coach Russ Huesman. I’m not saying they kicked that field goal in the waning seconds of the game because he clearly had money on the game, but I’m saying he 100% knew the spread was 33.5. Oh what’s that? BC only won by the 32?

I want to make clear, I did have Richmond covering this game (Also, I’m in New Jersey, don’t @me). But this is borderline malpractice. They called a timeout on 4th and 3 from the 28 after terrible run plans on the first three downs, and then decide let’s just go for a 45 yard field goal? (This is a tough length for BC, but Richmond has been very high on their freshman kicker). Why not take a shot after amassing 10 points up until that point? Or at least try to get the first down? No that’s ok, we can hold our heads up high with a nice field goal. What was the point? DUMB.

Marginally tougher task ahead with Kansas blowing into town Friday night.