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Eagles Women’s Soccer Back on the Heights to Take Down Northeastern Huskies 1-0

Gianna Mitchell heads the ball into the back of the net to secure BC’s fifth consecutive win

Boston College Athletics, John Quackenbos

For the first time this season, the Eagles went scoreless into the half. Despite neither team tallying a point, it was an exciting first, with both teams getting about six shots on goal apiece. Boston College had possession most of the half, but the Huskies kept their pressure high. Towards the end of the half, tensions rose as play began to get a little scrappy, though the referee hardly made a call against either side. In the final five minutes, BC gets a few close plays, with Sam Smith sending a beautiful cross into the box to have the redirect goes just left of the near post. In the next minute, Gianna Mitchell gets a shot off as well but it too goes slightly wide. The half comes to a close with an offside call against the Eagles.

Four minutes into the second, the Northeastern goalie gets drawn out of position past the near post as the ball comes flying into the box from Riley Lochhead and Gianna Mitchell heads it into the back of the net for an incredible goal, her second this season. Tensions then continue to progress and the referee makes a controversial non-call after a downed Northeastern player takes a kick at an Eagle in front of the home bench. As he begins making more calls, play deescalates but the pace remains high, with the Huskies pushing to even things up. Around the 85mark, Alison Heckman gets a free kick for the Eagles directly outside the box and Mia Karras steps up to take it but the ball just skims the top of the crossbar. With three minutes left, Mitchell was poised to take home her second header of the night, but the ball is snatched up by the keeper. Play closes out with the score still 1-0, giving the Eagles their fifth consecutive win this season.

This is Gianna Mitchell’s second game-winning goal against Northeastern, beating them last season 1-0 as well, and this is BC’s fifteenth win against the Huskies in the all-time series. Allie Augur also earned her second shutout of the season in the win. The Eagles will remain on their home turf this weekend, playing New Hampshire at 2pm on Sept. 8.