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Postgame Quotes: Hear From the Coach and Players as Wake Forest Beats Boston College

Does a hard fought loss show movement in the right direction?

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Adam Richins-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Head Coach Steve Addazio

Opening Statement

STEVE ADDAZIO: We battled all the way to the end, even on the last play when we crossed midfield with that end of the game play. Kids had steel resolve. Fought over the course of the game.

We had over 530 something yards of offense in that game. We rushed for 250 yards. Our total offense, our total yardage throwing, our total yardage rushing, you know, we outperformed.

Two scoring opportunities in that game, one on a fourth down call, and then, of course, our inability to kick the field goal. And then the fumble snap, prior to that were two scoring opportunities in a tight game like this where even though all of our rushing, throwing statistics, everything else were superior, we lost out on those scoring opportunities.

Anthony played well tonight. He was 16-of-18 in the first half. I don’t know what he was, 21-for-28 something like that overall for the game. I thought he played really hard.

I thought our backs ran really hard. I thought our line went really hard. I thought on defense we made big plays in the game.

Early on we probably struggled to get off the field a little bit in the first quarter. Regrouped and a couple of times in the second half made plays along the way and stopped touchdowns.

This was two good teams fighting each other and it came down to a thin margin, and the thin margin in the end pulled away from us with three points.

It’s a hard deal, but I’m proud of how the kids played and I’m energized on how explosive we were on both sides. And I like where we’re going to head right now, and I like the development of our football team.

I’m happy to answer any questions.

Q: Talk about the missed field goal opportunity,

STEVE ADDAZIO: Well, we didn’t execute the field goal. That’s something that’s inexcusable.

I saw the clock ticking down. I was going to call a timeout. I thought we were still going to get it off in time. I didn’t want to lose my timeout. I knew we would need those timeouts at the end of the game. I was trying not to burn it, and it was hair close. Obviously lost that decision by a half a second. That’s what it came down to.

We planned on having the wind at our back in the fourth quarter, that was our decision at halftime so we could kick those field goals. Early in the game we had a few opportunities, the wind was in our face and our analytics told us to go for that on fourth down which we did, and we had an incomplete pass on that play. Those were two scoring opportunities that occurred.

3 points, call it 3 points if you want to, one of those 3 points makes it a tie game in the end. Two of the 3 points puts you over the top. In between the white lines, there’s a lot of good football in between there. Those are two situations that didn’t fall for us the right way.

And then we rekicked the ball after it, and we had a bobbled center hold, a bad snap. I still felt good with the wind in our back that that wasn’t going to make the difference there, that we would still be fine. We had the inability to operate that.

Q. Are you little concerned about not getting off the field on third down? Was that Newman that kind of did you in on that?

STEVE ADDAZIO: He’s a heck of a quarterback.

We had several third downs that we struggled to get off with, but we also made several plays as well.

At the end of the day, like I said, you know, at the end of that game we made more plays than they did. They converted on more scoring opportunities than we did. You know, that’s a veteran offense there, and our offense went over the top on that.

But we’ve got to capitalize in a game like that you can’t give away points. We had a couple of scoring opportunities, a couple of 3 point opportunities there that made the difference in the game.

I thought we did a good job on him. Yes, we would like to get off the field a little more. We were number two in the conference on offense on third down conversions. Today we were not as effective on third down as we have been this season.

So maybe after we study the film, maybe in there you’ll find that we need to be a little more efficient today on third down and defense, and a little more efficient on third down and offense.

Q. Talk about the performance of AJ Dillon today.

STEVE ADDAZIO: I thought AJ Dillon ran really, really hard. I thought David Bailey ran really, really hard. I thought Anthony Brown played, ran, threw, and played really, really hard.

I’m proud of our team. They played really hard today. That was a physical game. There was a lot of big plays made in that game, and a lot of good players made a lot of plays on both sides of the ball, and for both teams.

To walk away, be disappointed in the loss, heck yeah. To be disappointed in our team, hell no. We’ll get better and we’re going to grow, and the secret is from that game is to continue to battle and fight and get better and continue to play good football.

We played a lot of good football out here tonight, a lot of good football. Both teams did.

Q. How difficult is that sort of delay to defend?

STEVE ADDAZIO: I mean, it’s different and it’s hard. I thought honestly we did a pretty darn good job with that.

I’m guessing, you know, going back fast, and there is a lot emotionally that’s happened in the last hour, but I mean, I would say we probably did a fairly decent job against all that.

We lit up some big throws. You know, there were some big throws, I don’t know how many of them there were. You know, there was a PI I remember in the endzone, another couple of big throws that had big yards on them. Those are tough deals.

To me, I mean, those PI calls can go either way on either team sometimes when I look at them up there. They have two big tall receivers that battled for a couple of balls. That’s what happened.

Q. What happened on the pre-snap penalty ahead of the fourth quarter field goal attempt?

STEVE ADDAZIO: We just need to get the thing operated quicker. You know, there’s no reason to have a delay of game on a field goal.

There’s no indecision about do we go for it or do we kick a field goal? We knew immediate. Boom, the call is in, the field goal team is out. There was no delay.

Just an inability to operate that out there, you know, we didn’t handle that efficiently. That’s never been a problem, never a problem in practice, and we work off the clock all the time. Why it had to come down like that? You know, it shouldn’t have. It shouldn’t have.

So, you know, I made the call. I made the call to not call the timeout at that point in time. That was my call. Okay. I felt that at that point I still thought we would get it off. I knew it was close. I did not want to burn that timeout. I thought we would get the ball off. That’s all I can tell you. I’m a half a second wrong. That’s life. That’s where it is.

Q. How much does your ability to turn out chunk plays impact your ability to score quickly?

STEVE ADDAZIO: I mean, we had a new play action we hit Zay for a touchdown on. We hit the right cross play. We hit the halfback pass. We sort of hit the reverse play that we ran for at least a fair piece of yards, it was a 7, 8 yarder I think it was.

In our minds, every game you want to be able to have enough explosives in your bag. I felt we emptied our bag with our explosives, and we made explosives just sheer our normal offense. Right.

I mean, it might have taken us a little bit to get going. Once we were going, we were hitting it pretty good.

Again, we had 536 yards of offense. I mean, I know everybody wants to talk about offense. That’s a lot of offense against a good football team. It is a lot of yards throwing, a lot of yards running.

I mean, we’ll go back and try to squeeze a few more drops out of a rock. I thought we put a lot of offense on the field. I would like to see how many times that much offense has been on the field. It certainly has to be up there tops, at least in my tenure I can tell you that.

If somebody said to me yesterday you’re going to have this many yards, will you take it? Hell yeah, I would have taken that. Yeah.

What we have to find out is just how we have one more point than they do at the end of the game. I think we can dissect where we could have had a couple.

You know what’s important right now is? We have to move forward. That’s what’s important right now. We have to get ready to play Louisville. That’s what’s important right now.

I’m proud of our kids’ effort, their battle, their fight, their resolve. And really I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow, and I can’t wait to get ready to go play Louisville. That’s where I’m at right now.

Q. What did you see out of John Lamot today? He played great.

STEVE ADDAZIO: I can’t answer that question.

It appears as though I think a lot of guys played really well. How great he played? I can’t really tell you exact. I’m sure he did. I saw he and Max made several plays. I thought our D line made plays. I thought our back end, Mike Palmer made plays. There was a lot of guys that played pretty well tonight.

They’ll go back, watch that film. Again, when you win all those categories it means a lot of guys are playing pretty well. Okay. But we did not finish with more points, and we’ll go back and take a look at exactly where those opportunities were missed and try to correct them, try to correct where we could have got off the field a couple of times, try to correct where we could have stayed on the field a couple of times, and we’ll squeeze out the rest of the juice in that thing and continue to grow as a football team.

Our football team grew today. That happened. Okay. We got to continue to do that. That’s our job. That’s our passion. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to continue to grow.

Anthony Brown, Boston College Quarterback

Q. How do you feel you were able to respond after throwing your first interception of the season?

ANTHONY BROWN: Just knowing we had more downs and stuff and a whole game left is huge.

Throwing the first pick was just misread it. Had a chance to get back down, and I didn’t.

But moving on from that, it was just a snap and clear mentality. As they always preach to me, understanding that we have the rest of the game to play. Next play mentality, and just kept going.

Q. Where do you think this offense needs to improve to win close games like that?

ANTHONY BROWN: I would say just scoring in the red zone. We got to finish. Got down there I believe3 times and came away with no points, so I would say that is a huge factor in this game.

And we had a lot of self-inflicted wounds. Like you said, we were clicking today, but we don’t finish drives like that and it can hurt you. As you said, we win most categories, but then not the points. Then people don’t look at it and it doesn’t add up.

I would say just finishing drives is going to be huge. I know we will. But I wish it could have happened today.

We can’t worry about it right now. We have to put it behind us and move on from it and get better from it.

Brandon Sebastian, Boston College Cornerback

Q. How much of a difference did Wake’s ability to convert on third down have on the game?

BRANDON SEBASTIAN: Yeah. That’s one thing. We have to get off the field on third down. The receivers, their big receivers, 6’3” and above, one of the receivers seniors was 6’5” and a half and 220, and 14 was 6’3”, 225, big body receivers.

And Jason Maitre started for us. They’re going to obviously try to take shots to use their advantage of the height, use their body and we have to compete at the ball and have to put the pass behind us and go up and play Louisville.

Q. Can you talk some about the preparation that went into Wake Forest, the way they hold the ball behind the line of scrimmage with the hand offs?

BRANDON SEBASTIAN: We were trying to put more pressure, have backup blitzes, and we were playing more man into the boundary. And so we had one guy missing in coverage, and so we were just trying to put pressure on him so you could get the ball quicker on the RPOs or just get the ball out and try to get to the quarterback.

AJ Dillon, Boston College Running Back

Q. Talk a little bit about the performance of the offensive line today. Obviously you were featured heavily in this game playing again. Talk about the guys playing in front of you and the job they did today.

AJ DILLON: We had 252 yards rushing. Any time they’re doing that, they’re obviously doing their job. I love those guys up front. I mean, as you can see, 252 yards rushing. They did their job.

Q .It seemed like you did your most productive running on sweeps this week. Were they loading up the blocks and you were able to get outside to the edge?

AJ DILLON: That tends to be the case when teams play us trying to get as many people to stop the run. The outside plays worked well. Some of the inside plays worked well. You know, we just kind of stuck with it and where we got it we got it.

Q. As coach talked about, you had a lot of good categories. How much does it stink being right there knowing you played well?

AJ DILLON: The only thing that matters is to get the win. We didn’t get that. We have to get better.

John Lamot, Boston College Linebacker

Q. How close is your relationship with Wake QB Jamie Newman

JOHN LAMOT: We grew up together, played sports together and he became a family friend.

Q. Where do you feel this team can go after a game like that?

JOHN LAMOT: It is disappointing not to win. There are a lot of things we can learn from. We see the improvement. We know we can do it. We have to keep our confidence up and come ready to work for this next week.

The season is not over yet. There is no reason to hang our heads. We have a game next week. We have to prepare for that. Just got to I guess get it over with and get better.