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Game Time, TV Info Announced for Boston College Football vs. Wake Forest

NCAA Football: Boston College at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC just announced game times and TV Info for all games on the weekend of September 28, and guess what? BC gets to be on a network that most people in Boston don’t get again!

That’s right, despite a significant portion of people in Boston not being able to get the ACC Network due to the ACC/ESPN’s inexplicable dispute with Comcast and RCN, the ACC has chosen to ignore the issues with carriage in Boston and decided to put BC’s game against Wake Forest on the ACC Network anyway.

To be fair to the ACC, it’s not like BC’s bargaining position is particularly strong at this juncture. After losing to Kansas, BC’s position is significantly weakened, as the season is, at this point, somewhat lost. Additionally, now that the conference has this nationally distributed* network to utilize, the conference is, in turn, utilizing it, with three games with member programs on the network.

Even so, the fact that the ACC continues to insist on placing the Eagles on a network that few in Greater Boston get does no favors to the fanbase, and in fact shuts out many potential fans. If the ACC continues to insist on putting a member school on the ACC Network, the absolute least that they can do is make sure its fans can at least watch it if they want to.

But, alas, an agreement seems far off in the distance, so here’s some instructions on how to circumvent the system to watch the Eagles if you want to.

The game will be played at 3:30 in Chestnut Hill.