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Eagles Shut Out Bulldogs in First Ever Matchup

With the first goal of the game, Olivia Vaugh reaches 50 career points

Boston College Athletics Twitter

In this first ever matchup with the MSU Bulldogs, Boston College maintains their record of not goals conceded in the first thirty minutes. The game will be a scoreless one at the half, but by no means a boring one. Twenty minutes in, Allie Augur comes up big with back-to-back saves, and the Eagles get a couple shots on goal.

Gianna Mitchell gets a couple shots in the first eleven minutes of the second half, but one is just wide followed by another off the post. Twenty minutes in, Jillian Jennings comes into play, and thirty seconds later sets Olivia Vaugh up for a beautiful shot into the back of the net. With that goal, it’ll be 50 career points for Vaugh.

In the last fifteen, Francesca Venezia gets a shot on goal that’s blocked by Mississippi State’s goalie, but she can’t quite hang on and Emily Langenderfer buries the rebound into the goal. The Eagles keep the score the same for the rest of the half for a final score of 2-0. Allie Augur gets her third shutout with five saves and Olivia Vaugh gets her fiftieth point with a total of 23 goals and five assists. Boston College will stay on the road this week to play their first ACC game against Florida State on Thursday, Sept. 19 at 7pm.