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Kansas: A Lot - BC: Much Less: Everything is Not Fine

But it’s not fine, adorable cartoon dog. Nothing is fine.


-Straight road games vs Power 5 teams since Kansas had won

-points scored by Kansas

-points allowed by BC

-minutes of trash

Alright, really 44 minutes of garbage. It’s going to be really awkward when BC goes 11-1 and this is the Kansas-sized stain on our resume, keeping us out of the College Football Playoff.

This alternate universe doesn’t even exist. Plain and simple, this was bad. Really bad. It was arguably the worst loss in the entire Addazio era. I’m trying to forget a lot of it, and really don’t have much to add to compliment how you’re probably feeling.

Coach Addazio made note of how shocked he was by the explosiveness of Kansas’s offense given their first two games. It’s one thing for the team to not have expected Kansas to actually pass the ball, but Herbert and Williams broke off on long runs with ease and combined for over 300 yards rushing...

The Jayhawks had five scoring drives of 78 yards or more. The Eagle defense looked all out of sort the entire time. Hasty substitutions, poor communication, zero pressure. Unable to generate a single sack, quarterback Carter Stanley was able to pick the secondary apart. He called his own number a few times just for fun. Nothing could be stopped. The defense needs to find a way to get pressure to cover up for the sieve of a secondary. and that means channeling our inner Don Brown aka Doctor Blitz. They managed one turnover early on, but it was downhill from there. The team overall is just too reliant on turnovers to set up scoring plays.

Anthony Brown didn’t turn the ball over as usual, but looked incredibly uncomfortable. Everything was shaky. We saw shades of that the first two games, and it was on full display here. The first half, he was consistently off the mark. The second half, the receiving corps honestly struggled to get open and Brown looked lost and struggled mightily. The Philly special was nice. I guess that’s what the offense was “keeping off the tape” from the Richmond game. Sick.

The offense really sputtered in the second half, aiming to chase points and keep up, instead of playing the game their way. AJ barely touched the ball after a solid first half. That being said, I think the Eagles can take a lessen to how Les Miles utilizes Williams and Herbert. Williams is one of the top backs in the country, and yet the team uses both effectively on the same drive. BC, meanwhile, is running AJ to the ground, not giving him any spells after two or three straight runs. You can see how he becomes less effective after a big run followed by another run. Playing with tempo and running after a big run is wearing Dillon, and not the opposing defense, down.

Are we sure Nate Freese can’t be our kicker for the rest of eternity?

The Narrative

Addazio owned this loss. There weren’t the typical excuses of a young team or how they played against a great football team (they still aren’t). Bad coaching, plain and simple. Maybe we’ll probably still salvage 6 or 7 wins, but who cares. This kind of loss at home is unforgivable. This is a dejected fanbase that needs more. This is an irreparable relationship that needs to be severed. It literally would not matter if we miraculously upset Clemson. It wouldn’t change a thing. It might even make things worse. This team is too prone to boneheaded games like Friday night, and can’t consistently do anything but win 7 games.