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Meet The Eagles, Boston College Men’s Hockey: Mitch Andres

boston college hockey bench

Name: Mitch Andres

Number: 10

Position: Defenseman

Class Year: Freshman

Drafted: N/A

Background: Mitch Andres is the third and final freshman defenseman joining BC this season after spending the last two seasons in the BCHL. In 2018-19, Andres played for both the Vernon Vipers and the Chilliwack Chiefs, where he posted 21 points and 46 penalty minutes in a combined 59 games. Andres plays a physical game and, standing at 6’2”, is already on of the bigger defensemen on the roster.

2019-20 Outlook: BC’s blue line looks crowded right now, with eight players competing for six spots, so Andres will likely have to fight for his ice time. Andres is the oldest of the three incoming freshmen defensemen, almost two full years older than both Marshall Warren and Drew Helleson after spending two years in the BCHL before coming to BC. Whether or not that gives him any sort of advantage in terms of ice time remains to be seen, but for now it is most likely that Andres will be battling for his ice time at least at the start of the season.

Fun Fact: Mitch has four younger brothers that all also play hockey for Brainerd High School in Minnesota, where Mitch also played before going to the BCHL. His youngest brother, Westin, is 17. His other brothers, Gavin, Riley, and Wyatt, are 18 and triplets.