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BCI Sits Down With Gobbler Country and Talks Hokies Football

Boston College v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Football season is coming up, and we here at BCI are starting our series where we talk with people about teams BC is playing.

Today, we talk to our sister site Gobbler Country about BC’s first opponent, the Va. Tech Hokies. Thanks guys!

BCI: Last year felt like a bit of a down year for the Hokies, but you’re also returning a ton of production. What should we expect from the Hokies this year?

Gobbler Country: That is some serious understatement there. 2018 will go down in Hokie history as the Train Wreck Season. The offense was good when the coaches managed to trust it. The defense was riddled with some sort of negative miasma and if it wasn’t for the efforts of players like Rayshard Ashby, Dax Hollifield, Jarrod Hewitt, and Reggie Floyd the loss count would have been worse. This season is looking totally different. Even if the personnel hasn’t changed much. Actually that’s the good part. The secondary and linebackers are experienced and the issues in the line have been sorted. This team is closer to the 2016 team in character. We are hoping that they get to show that on the 31st.

BCI: You guys lost some players to transferring but the coaching staff has done some work to make the roster better. Has the coaching staff done enough to balance out the attrition?

Gobbler Country: There is no downplaying the coaching challenges, here. The biggest issues will still be the players and how they fit together this season. Last year the tension and conflicts were just too great for even the best coaches to overcome. We think the big coaching challenge will be game planning and play calling. There was little trust there last season. We shall see if that’s been rebuilt soon enough.

BCI: What’s the feeling on how Fuente has done during his tenure at Va. Tech?

Gobbler Country: The boo birds will always be there. Most fans are understanding of the nature of a transition. Following a legend always has the dual set of grumblers. The reality is that Virginia Tech is a middle class school, monetarily. There aren’t the rich donors to pump huge money into the program. Most Hokies are civil servants, mid level managers, and don’t have the cash to throw at buying winning football teams. Fuente is doing far better than expected with the team’s current personnel.

BCI: What does Va. Tech have to do to win on the 31st? If they lose, how will that happen?

Gobbler Country: Tech’s got to do two things. Stop or at least slow down Dillon (not an easy feat). It also absolutely must score points. That means trusting the offense and standing on the accelerator. The best way to stop Dillon is to have him and the BC offense standing on the sideline. No sitting on leads. Just ‘go’ and don’t stop until the final whistle sounds.

BCI: What will happen on the 31st?

Gobbler Country: We honestly don’t have a clue. If everything works it will be a good game. If Tech plays 2 halves instead of just the first half we have a good chance to win. Right now I think it’s a push and home field might give the edge to you guys, And oddly that’s good. Tech plays better football as the underdog.

Thanks again to Gobbler Country! Keep it here to see more previews in the upcoming days.