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Meet the BC Interruption Staff!

Get to know your favorite writers and your personal BCI enemies!

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

BC Interruption has had some big staffing changes over the past month, so we figured now was a good time to introduce all the new writers and re-introduce you to everyone else. This will also give you a chance to learn who is responsible for which sports before NCAA play gets started!

Name: Laura Berestecki
Twitter Handle: @LBerestecki
Title: Editor in Chief
Sports Covered: A little bit of everything, but mainly men’s hockey, women’s basketball, and lacrosse
Started at BCI in... 2015
Graduated from BC in... 2013 (and BC Law in 2016)
Real World Job: Librarian. I also work part time at the Gifford Cat Shelter.
Favorite Professional Team: Honestly all of my loyalty is to BC so I’m more likely to be cheering for specific players than for any one team.
Three Fun Facts: I have a cat named after Jerry York (and also a cat named Coffee), I’m the descendent of 2 witch trial witches (wow that explains a lot about me, huh?), the last BC MIH home game I missed prior to COVID was in 2006.

Name: Curtis Flannery
Twitter Handle: @CurtisFlannery
Title: Football Editor
Primary Sport(s) Covered: Football, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Hockey
Started at BCI in... December 2020
Graduated from BC in... 2020
Real World Job: I’m an associate at an environmental non-profit in Newton
Favorite Professional Team: New England Patriots, Boston Celtics
Three Fun Facts: I play multiple musical instruments and I am always trying to learn another one, I love to hike in the White Mountains, and I was in attendance for the cancelled First Responders Bowl in 2018

Name: Niraj Patel
Twitter Handle: @niraj_patel7
Title: Senior Football Writer
Primary Sport(s) Covered: Football
Started at BCI in... July 2019
Graduated from BC in... 2017
Real World Job: Audience Strategy at Horizon Media
Favorite Professional Team: Chicago Bears
Three Fun Facts: I did some graphic design for BC football while at school, I may or may not have an addiction passion for sports betting, I can name all the world capitals

Name: Steven Principi
Twitter Handle: N/A
Title: Senior Men’s Hockey Writer
Primary Sport(s) Covered: Men’s Hockey
Started at BCI in... 2017
Graduated from BC in... 2014
Real World Job: I work in the Student Affairs Department at BC
Favorite Professional Team: The Philadelphia Flyers because I refuse to let myself enjoy hockey even for a second
Three Fun Facts: I was born on Friday the 13th, I have a BC Hockey jersey autographed by the 2001 National Championship team, My first job was in an ice cream store in my home town that had to close down when the owners plead guilty to using the store as part of a Ponzi scheme

Name: Grant Salzano
Twitter Handle: @Salzano14
Title: Women's Hockey Editor & Director of Viral Marketing
Primary Sport(s) Covered: Women’s Hockey, with some Football and Men's Hockey here and there
Started at BCI in... 2011
Graduated from BC in... 2010
Real World Job: Director of Application Development for Webster Bank
Favorite Professional Team: It’s probably NASCAR's Ryan Blaney, but it’s pretty close between him, the Red Sox, the New York Giants, the Bruins, and Liverpool. It depends on the season. They’re all a low simmer compared to my love of BC, though.
Three Fun Facts: I'm a dual citizen (USA & Italy), I'm a private pilot. and I once won a bike on Nickelodeon's "Slime Time Live."

Name: Maithri Harve
Twitter Handle: @maithriharve
Title: Features Writer
Primary Sport(s) Covered: Men’s Hockey
Started at BCI in... July 2019
Graduated from BC in... 2019
Real World Job: Software Engineer
Favorite Professional Team: The Bruins are definitely my top team but the Patriots and the Red Sox are up there too. I also have a variety of emotional support NHL teams depending on the BC alum that play for them!
Three Fun Facts: I can write backwards in cursive, I actually had never watched a full game of hockey until I came to BC because I used to think it was boring (lol), I consider myself a cat and dog person.

Name: Curran Schestag
Title: Staff Writer
Primary Sport(s) Covered: Men’s Basketball
Started at BCI in... 2022
Graduated from BC in... Current Student
Real World Job: BC undergrad
Favorite Professional Team: Arsenal
Three Fun Facts: 1. Despite being 6’4 I’m terrible at basketball, 2. I’m a history major at BC, 3. Although I’m from NJ my Dad is from LA so I’m a huge Lakers and Dodgers fan.

Name: Frederick Eberhart
Title: Staff Writer
Primary Sport(s) Covered: Men’s Basketball, Football
Started at BCI in... 2023
Graduated from BC in... Current Student
Real World Job: BC undergrad
Favorite Professional Team: Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Minnesota Vikings, Timberwolves, and Twins
Three Fun Facts: Despite being a three-sport athlete in high school (Soccer, Baseball, Football(kicker) I do not know how to swim, I am loosely related to Shirley Temple, My 2nd-year-old birthday cake was a ‘Dora: The Explorer’ Ice cream cake.

Name: Arthur Bailin
Twitter Handle: @arthurbailin
Title: Semi-Retired Writer
Primary Sport(s) Covered: Any and all
Started at BCI in... 2015
Graduated from BC in... 2017
Real World Job: Lawyer
Favorite Professional Team: Washington Generals
Three Fun Facts: I transferred into BC, I went to the same high school as BC MIH’s Ron Greco, I can’t think of a third fun fact