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Boston College GIF of the Year: Semifinals, Matchup #2

Don’t stop, never GIF up, hold your head high and reach the top

Boston College V Notre Dame

This year’s Boston College GIF of the Year tournament is coming to an end rather quickly it seems, as we have just one matchup left until the final drops tomorrow!

Yesterday we had our first semifinal matchup that saw two GIF behemoths, AJ Dillon and Michael Walker, face off in a battle of titans. In the end, it turned out that Dillon Can’t Be Stopped, well, could actually be stopped, thanks to a dominating effort by Walker To The House to advance into the first of two spots in the final.

Who will join Michael Walker in tomorrow’s matchup? Your vote will decide!

Apuzzo In 2OT

Sam Apuzzo’s winner in double overtime to send the national championship was always going to be a tough out in this tournament, and her quarterfinal matchup was evidence of that with the biggest blowout of the tournament so far. Can this GIF keep the momentum to advance to the finals?

Pool A Winners

Birdball’s celebration of beating top-ranked Louisville to win Pool A of the ACC Tournament is a real dark horse, given that it’s more than just a great moment — it also made for a great GIF. That helped carry it to a strong win in the quarterfinals. But can it find another victory against a powerhouse Sam Apuzzo GIF?

Here’s your updated bracket:

You have until 11:30am EDT on Wednesday to vote. The finals will take place tomorrow at noon!

Which GIF should advance to the finals?
Apuzzo In 2OT
Pool A Winners

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