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The NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Semifinal v. UNC is BCI’s Game of the Year

2019 NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship - Semifinals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

In a year with some level of frustration of upset and frsutration, some games brought pandemonium and excitement.

No game did that more than the NCAA women’s lacrosse championship against North Carolina, which is our game of the year. The other games that were nominated were BC baseball’s ACC tournament win against Louisville, BC women’s lacrosse’s victory against Syracuse, and BC football’s loss (for some reason) against North Carolina State.

We already talked about Sam Apuzzo’s game clinching goal in overtime. What distinguishes this game from the others, however, is what led up to that goal. The Eagles fell behind early to the Tar Heels 6-0, and it appeared that all was lost for a team that came into the season with so much hope and promise.

But then, a heroic performance in net by Lauren Daly and a resilient BC attack brought BC back into the game, setting up a wild second half that set up a tie at the end of regulation that led to the Sam Apuzzo goal that is now committed to the annals of women’s lacrosse history.

The semifinal was an instant classic— there is no other way to put it, and that is why it won BCI’s Game of the Year award.